The One Year Chair

Today I shall tell you the tale of the One Year Chair. My Mom found me this old office chair at Goodwill for 3.99 neigh on one year ago. It was for the room that once was my office and is now my roommate's bedroom. It was ugly, scratchy and had a horrible fabric. But it had a really cool shape. I spray painted the wood an ivory color and took off the seat..

And then I bought this amazingly awesome fabric from Hobby Lobby....

And that is how it remained for a year. Sitting in my Mom's craft room. Entirely useless. Until one day my Dad decided that he was tired of looking at it and was going to make it really pretty for me!

So he peeled off the back panels of fabric.

He very carefully lined up the pattern so that it fit nice and snug.

He measured and cut, measured and cut. Until it was perfectly fit.

Now thanks to my amazing father I have a gorgeous chair that I can sit in while I brush my long flowing Rapunzel-esqe tresses in my glorious master bathroom

I also have the best parents ever. Thank you!


  1. haha I love that your dad made this for you!!! That's what dads are for, right? :) I love the fabric. It turned out so cute!!

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

  2. Go Dad! He did a great job! I love how the chair turned out. It looks a million times better painted white...AND I love that fabric!

  3. Aaww lucky lady! You're definitely blessed to have such a giving father and thoughtful mother. And your chair looks fabulous in its new 'apparel' :-)


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