Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer To Do List: Front Closet. Check.

Sorry for my post delay.... I found out that my computer has a mean virus on it and it is slowly dying. I've had it since 2007 so it's not too surprising that it didn't survive my college career. Hopefully I can at least get another month out of it. Anyone have recommendations for a good desktop? I want a lap top but not until a little further down the road.

Anyways! I finally got another project marked off my To-Do list for the summer. Reorganizing the front closet. I didn't do anything magical to it but it sure looks wayyy better.

Here's the chaotic before:

I suppose you could call me a paint hoarder. I don't have a garage so the only place that we can store paint is inside. Which turns into a fiasco like this:

Since we are working on selling/renting out/I"m moving away with the house, I removed most of the paint because I will simply use it to do touch ups or repaint certain areas as needed. I marked and labeled all of the other paint and neatly stacked it. I only left 4 cans and decided I have to use the rest or take it to the recycling place.

In my next house I will definitely have more closets then just this one. But it has a lot in it. All of my jackets, snowboard gear, paint, XBOX boxes, and extra linens. I'm a girl with a lot of stuff! Which I'm really discovering as I go through things to get rid of/Goodwill.

Yay for some organizational progress!


  1. Looks better for sure. I know, I also have a lot I need to go through and donate...

    I see paint for free on craigslist a lot - if its easier than dropping it off somewhere maybe someone would want it and would pick it up from you? idk

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

  2. It looks great! I have the same paint problem - I'm still picking colors for my house, so the problem grows with every room. I found this oh-so-cute solution to leftover touchup paint ( but will never, ever do it...your post inspired me to at least stack all the paint cans nicely!

  3. It looks so much better! Clearing clutter always makes me feel better.

    I'm a paint hoarder too, but at least I have a garage. Seriously, they take up a whole corner. I should probably do something to organize them, but that'll probably never happen.


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