Today is a really exciting day for me! I've been waiting for this day for at least 5 years.

It's the first day of school! Allow me to clarify it is my first day of school as a student teacher. Yay! Success is mine! Well almost! I am nervous but mostly really excited. It's definitely been a rough change over in terms of schedule. I work Monday through Thursday 12pm to 11pm and had three day weekends. Now I'm switched over to teaching 7am to 3pm, working one night a week 4pm-11pm and then weekends 9am to 8pm. Phew. I've been losing track of myself lately!

Anyways if you've been following me on Instagram (@missmcds) then you have seen that I've been setting up my desk and classroom. Here's a few of my faves from last week:

I get my own desk and laptop! That may not seem that exciting but it's way more than I expected! I totally love it. I'm sure it's not going to look that organized again the rest of the semester. #studentteaching

And that is definitely the Little Mermaid on my pencil holder. Yup. My dog's name is Sebastian, noticing a theme?

My roommate, Erin, and I decided to spend our last weekend of summer having a great time. Biking is pretty big in CO so we biked around Colorado Wine Country (Palisade, Colorado) and went on a fun wine tour. The next day we biked around downtown Grand Junction and had fun hitting up the little shops. I look like a weirdo in the next picture but it was a lot of fun!

And Sebastian got a haircut! Look how handsome he is! #puppylove

He was quite fluffy before his haircut. The groomer said that he needs to be leash trained better, so that's something we're going to work on. He's only 4 months old and 6 and a half pounds. He's not much for taking on long leash walks yet. He will walk well with me but not anyone else, hopefully we can work on that also.If anyone has any tips! Let me know!

Yay! Love the Instagram! If you have one leave me your username in a comment/email and I will definitely follow you!


  1. I don't even want to know what the groomer would tell us about Ringo! Probably that he needs to be sent to doggie boarding school!

    Anyway, yay for student teaching! I hope you have a great first day. I'm sure you'll be amazing!

  2. The best thing we were shown was let him walk around with the leash on around the house to get used to it, even if you just let him drag it around behind him. Then do small walks around your neighborhood until he gets used to it. Moist treats are the best for training as they dont spend a long time eating them and can get back to the task at hand quickly. GOOD LUCK!


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