Miss Fix-It

Sometimes around my house things start to fall apart. Or fall down. Or break. Or they fall apart, fall down, and break things on the way. For example my sweet and wonderful built in jewelry display in my master bathroom. Remember how it looked when I first did it last year? It was so pretty! The tension rod was wonderful and well... tense. Now, however. I walked into my bathroom to see it looking like this:

The tension rod had fallen down and two of my pictures had practically jumped off the top shelf. Curse. Broke one of my cute vintage apothecary bottles on the way down.

Obviously the weight of the necklaces was to much for the small tension rod that I was employing to do the job. So I decided to break out the hookums.

I decided to use just three, one on each side and one in the center. I could still use the tension rod so I didn't need to add in a whole bunch of these.

Sebastian is the construction manager around here. He is obviously super excited to hear that there is more house stuff happening.

I took my trusty little Ryobi drill and did the first hole and cranked the hook in... easy peasy. Why didn't I do this before?

I then added the next two hooks using the same method. I will advise if you decided to do one of these built ins they are totally awesome, but make sure you paint everything BEFORE installing it. My ex that did this was too excited and I had to paint it in place. Hard stuff.

I then reset the tension rod with all the necklaces and worked on dispersing them evenly across the rod. Plus I organized them by style and popularity....

What? I like to pretend my closet and bathroom is my own vintage clothing/accessory/home goods boutique.  hehe.

I took two beer bottles and spray painted them with metallic spray paint to add some cool height (plus I won't care if they fall and break, gives me an excuse to buy more beer anyways) and I put my favorite bracelets on them for easy access.

Not too bad for a five minute quick fix! Plus I know that my jewelry is going to stay put now and not go jumping around or getting tangled up.

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  1. Bummer about your vintage apothecary bottle :( Stupid tension rod!

    Adding the hooks to the tension rod was a genius idea! And it's so much safer for all your goodies now. I feel like going jewelry shopping after seeing all your pieces!


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