Thursday, August 2, 2012

Not So Trashy Now!

I have been trying to prep my house for the whole "back to school" thing that is going to be happening in the next couple weeks. My life is going from working forty hours a week during the summer to working thirty hours at my job for AT&T and teaching full time at the high school where I'm student teaching. I would just like to say, I hope I don't die. But alas. Must pay thee bills! #singleladyproblems

Anyways! I have been wanting to redo the trashcan in my bathroom since I did the remodel way back when.

I've had this blue guy since I first bought my house. He was a dollar at the dollar store and he fits PERFECTLY next to the toilet because of his funky shape.

But he is a weird plastic blue color. Lack luster, zero character. Sad trashcan.

So I sprayed him down!! The power of white spray paint... knows no bounds.

After a good healthy dose of white spray paint, Sir Trashcan got a good taping off in a chevron pattern. I wanted to do two big solid stripes because a) he's tiny b) that's too much taping for me.

I love to paint so I had some inexpensive craft paint on hand already and got to work painting. I just used a basic sponge brush that I had because it wasn't anything that required any particular artistic finesse.

Sometimes I get over excited... such as when I peeled the tape in haste rather than going slowly to make sure that all the white paint stayed on the trashcan. Damn.

Sebastian's disappointment is entirely evident as he pulled the blanket off the couch to  lay on. He's clearly not as thrilled about this trashcan thing as I am.

Ta-da! Sure, it's not perfect. Not all trashcans are really. He looks much cooler though! The yellow and white fits better in my bathroom then the random ice blue did.

See what I mean?

Yay! Trashcan happiness for only $1.00!!

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  1. Haha I love how you used a hash tag in a post.

    Also, When I read that you're planning on getting another fixer-upper, I stopped reading and had a mental celebration because I knew that meant you would post all your diys on here! so exciting!! :-D

  2. Cute! If I would have done this project and ripped off the tape to find some of the white spray paint came off, I probably would have said f* this and thrown the whole thing away. So kudos for fixing the white paint and making it look all spiffy. I have a couple plain white trash cans that I want to paint now!


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