Friday, August 10, 2012

Trimming the Hedges

Yard work. The bane of my existence, really. I've been super busy the last couple of weeks preparing for student teaching, coordinating trip plans, cleaning the house, and all that other good stuff that I have thoroughly neglected the yard. Completely. Seriously my dog was getting lost in the grass...

Check out the unruly before:

It looked like a field rather than a lawn... Sebastian thought it was fun. You can't see him but he was over on the far left of the picture. Seriously it was that bad.

So I got out my lawn mower, weed eater, and electric hedge trimmer and got after it. I've learned if I keep my mulberry bush/tree sheared down pretty short it keeps the berries from growing, which then prevents the awful stains on the concrete and on your shoes as well as hundreds of birds out of the yard. I don't mind birds really, I think they're pretty. What's not pretty is my three animals all about 10 pounds launching themselves at the windows in an attempt to get the birds. That's not good.

So it gets shortened!

I was actually outside early enough to see

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  1. Blah, I hate yard work! And it's so hot outside, so that makes it even worse. I really need to pull weeds in the front yard before we get a letter from the HOA, but it's so hot and pulling weeds is so boring. At least we don't have any grass (yet) that we have to worry about'd probably be taller than Abby if we did!


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