Winey Cork.

Pinterest has always been an awesome source of inspiration especially as I am starting to think of what I would want to do with my next house once I move in December or January. Oh yeah if you follow me on there, look out for a lot of kitchens and bathrooms!

 But I still like to make a few things for my house now. I mean I do have 130 days left until I graduate college. Not that I'm counting, but it's coming up. December 15th. It's a Saturday. Just so everyone is aware. :)

Sadly the problem is that I'm a little on the poor-er end because I'm having to budget a lot tighter for student teaching. Unpaid internship, yay! Anyways after spending 30 minutes on Pinterest I decided I needed to do something! So I scaveged my house for crap  items that I already had.

I came up with:
  • corks from wine bottles
  • 2x4 wood thing
  • construction adhesive
  • silver or brown spray paint
Looks like we're making a cork board! First thing I did was lay down the 2x4 to see how many wine corks I would need. 24 was the magic number on this, but if you make it yourself it really depends on how you'd want to space it.

I then took it outside and used the leather brown Rustoleum spray paint that I had left over from painting my deck furniture a couple months ago, I did a light coat so that it would give the wood a layer of protection but still appear rustic. .

Next step... construction adhesive! I don't recommend getting this on any of your body parts or surfaces aside from where it was assigned. We used this for the toe kicks in my kitchen. Strong stuff. One at a time I lined up my corks...

Looks so pretty! And easy! I let it dry for a couple of hours so that the adhesive had a chance to set without the corks sliding around, I stacked some books on it for good measure also.

I stood it up for a bit just to make sure that none of the corks would fall off or get unruly. Thankfully it turned out great!

I took my drill and put one of the bigger bits that I had in it and put two holes for nails to hook on, that way it would lay really flush against the wall. As though they were one!

And voila! For zero dollars I've got a personalized, vintagized, awesome-ized, corkitized place for memories. It also just so happens to look fabulous.

Have you made any awesome projects out of random items around your house?

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  1. This turned out great! I am hosting a weekly themed party & this week's theme is DIY Wall Art. I would love for you to join in!

  2. What a cute idea. Love it.
    Im now following you from Please come visit me and maybe you'll decide to follow back??? THANKS. 8-)

  3. I'm all for any project that involves drinking wine! And projects that are free! This totally reminds me that I should probably start doing projects again. I've been using "working on my craft room" as an excuse for too long! I could be making cute stuff like this!

  4. Super cute! I love it when I actually do things that I pin :)


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