Graduation Pictures: Stephotography

My blog posting-ness has been horribly lacking the last couple weeks, that mostly has to do with this whole teaching thing as well as the fact I went on vacation last weekend. (First one I've been on since I was 18! And it was awesome by the way.)

One thing I did do for myself though was have my photographer friend Stephanie do some fantastic pictures for me. You can see more of her work on her Facebook page {Stephotography} she does an amazing job! In fact she's done all of my pictures since I was 18. Check her out. :)

I wanted to do some pictures that really represented where I was at in my life at this point. Single, 22, childless, and starting my career. Some of the pictures didn't upload very well but you can see them all on my blog Facebook page {here}. I think they're rather snazzy myself.



Oh! And I just got my upholstery spray paint in the mail so I'm looking forward to getting after that tonight or tomorrow! Fingers crossed for a pretty new chair.

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