Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Not Everything is Curtain

When I went to South Dakota at the beginning of the month I had the fabulous luxury of being able to go to the brand new IKEA in Denver, Colorado on our way back home! I love me some IKEA. That's for sure. I was only able to get a few things while I was there but one of them was a new set of curtains for my closet doors. Andddd they were on sale for $9.99!


 I just rolled em right on out of their package and I was really grateful that they had a thicker rod pocket part then the ones that I had boughten previously (they are currently in my roommates rooms).


Yup. Those are shoes on my bed. It happens. They also sell little clips with hooks for hanging curtains. It is $3.99 for a pack of the hooks. I spaced them out on each of the curtain panels and hooked them up to the track that the big ole doors were originally on. Zero construction required on this one.

So my bedroom went from looking like this....

To looking like this! yayyy! No more crazy exposed closet! I still have some cleaning to do but it looks way better, plus it has halted Sebastian from running off with my shoes. He doesn't chew on them he just runs around and makes little stacks of stuff. 

So for $15.00 I have new doors for my closet that are totally luxurious and cute. I can paint them (seeing as my upholstery paint idea was a bust... more because of the color than the application itself.) Or perhaps stencil them? Either way for now they are covering up the closet and looking good!


  1. I love cheap and easy updates! And I love being able to hide stuff behind curtains. I like them white, but they would look really cute stenciled! Although stenciling fabric takes forever and a day!

  2. Love the new (dang, I'm blanking on what it's called...) header?! Looks great!!

    Also, love the curtains - IKEA has such great prices. I've never looked at their curtains before but since we need some more...maybe I'll try to head over there sometime!

    The chair didn't turn out like you hoped then? That sucks! You should still post a picture because I'm really curious how that stuff works. Maybe it's not as bad as you think.

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies


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