I've been working on updating my house in terms of the decor recently. Some of the rooms that haven't changed at all are my dining room and living room. So we're making things fancy huh!

This is what the entry wall looked like before... for a very, very long time!

And here's what it looks like now! Bought an antique vanity table, put up a mirror, hung up my cork art and some local bike art. I feel like it looks much, much better! Plus we added a little key hook for the doggy things.

 And here's a closer look. I have some plans for some more art work that I want to put up but at this point I think it looks pretty snazzylicious. I found the painting on the far upper right at a local winery. It's of a bike! And it's totally amazing.

I'm also starting to do the same thing in the dining room. I have had this cute Pier 1 mirror up for the last four years. It's cute but not very adventurous.

So the first step was getting a new mirror! Found this one in South Dakota for only ten dollars. Sure it's not much yet but it's definitely a move in the right direction in terms of updating the look. :)

I've also updated the whole look of the bloggy and the blog Facebook page. Tell me what you think!


  1. My favorite is the little bicycle and the new under it! Love the way you positioned everything on the wall - it looks great.

    I noticed the new background right away - it's fun!

  2. I love the bicycle above the mirror! SO cute! I'm pretty sure I have that mirror you hung in the dining room too. Although you've hung yours and mine is just sitting on the floor in my decor hoard pile.

    Oh, and I think I already told you this on facebook, but I love the new blog layout! Looks very professional!


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