A Gala Affair

The company that my Dad works for was hosting a formal event as a fundraiser recently and my Mom was unable to go soooo that means I got to get all gussied up to spend a little fun time with my Dad! It was awesome, I feel like I don't get to do that enough anymore since schedules have been so crazy!
Here we are looking all #fly! lol

Not gonna lie I definitely got my dress at JCP but I received a lot of compliments on it! The theme of the gala was "Mardi Gras" so the sparkle worked out great for the theme. Plus the food was AMAZING. Oh and the free wine! It was local Palisade, Colorado wine. Probably the best stuff you can get.

We had a lot of fun! I even got him to dance one dance with me! It was really special and reminds me just how important family really is, especially your parents. I don't think I would have traded that night for anything and I'm very grateful that I got to go!

Love you Dad!


  1. I love your dress! What a fun reason to get dressed up too. I can't think of any reason I'd ever be able to wear a long fancy dress again but would love too :)

  2. I love you to honey! It was a fun evening!

  3. I love your dress! Looks like you guys had a great time!


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