Dining Room Ideas

The dining room in my house is in general.... well pretty boring. The thing that I struggle with when it comes to decorating is commiting to wall art. Mostly because I'm afraid once I buy it and set it up I'm not going to like it and then I will be just stuck with it. But! I am trying to broaden my horizons as much as possible.
Here's what we've got going on so far in the house...

The space is sort of crowded in that back corner. And yes my cat sits on the table. She hides from the dog up there. I dunno. She's weird like that.  Anyways...
Anywaysss.... where the wine rack is right now I've been contemplating putting a little coffee bar or something like that. Here's an example that I found on the interwebs:

{Found Here}

I feel like this would be a very simple and pretty cheap thing to create. I already have some shelving that could work. It used to be in my room and now it's just collecting dust in my storage closet. Or I could pick up one that is similar from Hobby Lobby using my coupon for 40% off... I already have perfect little light cups to hang up... (we wouldn't actually use them and I wouldn't want them to be heavy) I even have all the necessary containers for sugar. I would just have to figure out the cabinet. I do have one that could work but it is black and might be kind of bulky...

My only concern is what to put on the other side to create a balance in the space. Something that offers more storage, that's for sure. But I'm just not sure of what yet... hmmm

Any ideas for creating a surface to put the coffee pot on?


  1. Ohhh!! I love the little coffee center...too cute!!

  2. I'm the exact same when it comes to wall art! I can't committ to anything, so I never hang anything. So my walls are pretty bare. I'm planning to DIY some abstract art soon, so we'll see how that turns out. Hopefully it's not a hot mess! Anyway, I love the idea of a coffee center and I really like that inspiration picture. Maybe once you get the coffee area set up you can better visualize something for the other corner.

  3. I have a similar wall art problem...but I'll get the stuff and then be too scared to put it up because I don't want to put holes in the walls and then decide I don't like it there! :) But once it's there it is totally worth it.

    It sounds like you have some stuff to start working with - as long as you paint it all the same color it will go together perfectly! That will be so cute :) And for the other corner...I don't know maybe a small table/plant or a chair?

    I love your curtains btw


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