Ole Hallow's Eve

I love Halloween and Fall! I get excited to decorate for this season every year! I have several boxes of decorations from the different parties and celebrations that I've had over the years. Like my three fake pumpkins... (because I don't have the time to carve them myself...)

They light up my front steps all season long!

And we all know how much I enjoy fake plants! So I put out a vase of some awesome fake mums and sunflowers since I packed up all the summer stuff that was on the porch.

Creepy skull pot... works well for these nice yellow mums though!

My roommate Erin had this great wine bottle that featured a gorgeous Colorado mountain fall scene. I loved it! It was way to pretty to recycle. So I put some fake flowers in it!

Hung up some creepy cloth to really give it a Halloween feel.
 Replaced my mini chalkboard with a skull and crossbones image.

I even switched out the vases and fillers around the TV! Little pumpkins in a jar!

I like to do a center piece on the table every year too, I have a cute one on my coffee table but I forgot to take a picture of it. Anyways. I mixed up a bunch of vintage pieces from thrift stores that were all in the same tones and colors of fall and  put them together along with some pumpkins and sunflowers. I love my little things of candles! I also layered two table clothes together, one is a vintage lace and the other is just a cream colored table cloth. I think they look perty cute!

If you follow me onFacebook you've probably already seen some pictures of Sebastian in his Halloween garb as well. He is so small that when the temps are so low in the morning here (I have to get up at 5am to get ready to go to the school I teach at) he starts to shiver and shudder. So he has to wear his little fleece jacket!

I hope everyone is just as excited about the holiday season as I am! Also I would like to mention that I have 37 days left at my current job, and 58 until I graduate from college!!!

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  1. Sebastian looks so cute in his Halloween outfit! Are you going to put him in a costume? Anyway, this post reminds me that I need to put out my Halloween/Fall decorations. I've been seriously slacking. I like your carved pumpkins...I want a set for myself so I don't have to buy pumpkins every year.


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