Master Bedroom. Awesomeness.

I've finally got a few things done around my house, now that I have finished my graduation portfolio! Thank goodness! I now officially only have 15 calendar days left as an undergraduate student!

Whooo! I'm super excited about this.
 Technically only 11 work days until I walk across the stage triumphantly.

So it celebrate I finished some projects in my room... mostly related to making it cozy. I still need to pain the door frames but that's a post grad project. :)

Pardon the puppy photo bombs. Lol. But I hemmed up the curtains over my closets so they don't look as messy. (I did that with the iron on hem tape stuff, AMAZING.)

I've been contemplating redoing my white dresser... maybe with a pattern or possibly some color? I haven't decided yet. I've been pouring over Pinterest for some inspiration...

I'm going to need another bookshelf to store my shoes on. It would be amzing to have more space for shoes! Many of those books would go to my classroom later on so I could use that whole bookshelf. Just for shoes.

Sebastian's newly painted puppy crate! It used to be a horrific maroon color and spray painted it white and silver. It looks amazing! I also put his name on it, in case anyone got confused :)

My students know me for always painting my nails and having a wide variety of colors. I stole this spice rack from my Mom's house since it was just sitting on her floor and put my favorite colors on it. Of course... that's not all of my polish... hehe.

I love my soaker tub! I especially love to store all the Christmas gifts I've been working on in said tub. Puppy and kittens don't get them in there! Though that does remind me... I need to post pictures of my Christmas decorations!

Here's a shot of the bedroom from my bathroom. Not so bad I think! I definitely love my room, I can't wait to make more little changes to make it even better.

P.S. Thank you to those of you that read my blog! I know that I've been slacking lately but I can say that I am at the successfully at the end of my college career and will be able to actually invest time in things I enjoy and spend more time with my amazing family, friends, and puppy dog!

Again thank you so much for everyone who has stuck with me through all of this. :)

Free Furniture Re-do!

I am relieved to announce that I have finally, for the first time in about four months, done a re-do worth blogging about! Yay! Let's just say I've been super crazy busy with this whole graduation thing, college ending thing, student teaching thing, and working thing. It happens. But! Back to the redo.

My parents picked up this buffet/dresser/furniture thing on the side of the road. For Free! I love people's garbage sometimes. I have been looking forward to being able to put my coffee pot and other items in something (remember my house has zero storage) and this was perfect!

And free.  But ugly.

The top of the buffet was a little rough.... It had some anti slip contact paper that they put on it right after painting it. Not good. It stuck to the top. I sanded as much off as I could...

The only part that wouldn't really come off is that ring part. Oh well. I used the paint that I had already from my cabinets (read: free) and painted the top and sides...

While Lucy-kitten explored...

I actually kind of liked the hardware it came with.... It was a cool vintage bronze and so I kept it. I figure I can just replace it later if I decided. I free handed some chevron stripes across the whole thing. I accidentally painted the bottom drawer upside... my bayyy-d.

And I placed it in it's new little home in the back of the dining room! My table is a mess. Don't look at that. But my new buffet is totally cute!

Total investment?

Zero Dollars.

My kind of project! Yay!

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Post Graduation To-Do List:

So as many of you are aware my college graduation is looming! I have approximately 21 days left at my current college job (quitting day is December 12, come hell or zombie apocolypse) and only 25 left as an actual college student.

But really? Who is counting?

That's right. I am! I feel like that light at the end of the tunnel stuff is actually true, and everyday it gets a little brighter.

Recently I made the announcement that I may be moving to Phoenix, AZ in December. Well I have actually been informed that a teaching position may become available in the school that I am at, so that plan may not be happening. It would be awesome to move! But smarter to stay where I am at. However that means I need to line up some new goals. Here they are:

  1. I've lived in Colorado since I was 3 years old and my parents have encouraged us to do extensive travelling, but I want to do more. I found this website that has a list of 99 Places to Visit in Colorado and I want to go visit all of them. I'm going to get a bike rack for my car and a better camera. Have puppy will travel!
2. I am going to repaint my living room. Currently it is peanut butter brown. A color my parents and I selected when I graduated high school. Now I'm graduating college. It is time. I am also going to paint that ceiling if it kills me...
3. I'm painting my front door. Again. Yellow.  {Source}
4. I am going to actually rebuild the back porch so that it is usable. That is going to require getting a new back door so that in the morning I can use it to let Sebastian out. It would be much much easier if we could do that. Also the porch would be open on both sides so that you don't have to squeeze your hinny  through an eight inch space. Oh. And I want to put up a privacy fence along that back fence. Yay! No more neighbors tire collection!

5.  I'm going to build new seating for my front porch that is more effective than the various chairs. Plus I would be able to add more pillows. :) I like this idea {here}
(sorry it won't let me make the picture any bigger)
6. Maybe get a garage for my current place? I could store things inside! Like my car! And bikes! And.... decorating crap!
7. I want a sectional couch. Like this one: {source}
Obviously all these things will take some time and saving (especially with student loans coming up... eek) but it feels good to know that I will actually have the time and ability to work on new goals and dreams for myself. I'm excited. If you have any post-graduation tips... feel free to share!