Never Before Seen Footage...

Over this last weekend my third roommate moved out and into a new place. It was definitely a good move for her, and it left my third bedroom empty!

 I don't think that I have ever posted a picture of my third bedroom... ever.

Nope. Never ever.

Well here is the time! I have started to put some decorations in there. (We haven't decided if it will be rented out furnished or unfurnished, or if at all at this point. All very up in the air.) But I have a lot of extra decorations so I figured I may as well make it look pretty.

My previous roommate painted 2 of the walls grey and the third a teal blue color.
The closet takes up almost the entire fourth wall.

It's a little spare right now but I think once I get a bed in there and a rug it will be wayyy better.
I won't lie it is nice having a little extra space for once.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday so far!

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  1. Selfishly speaking, I hope you don't rent it out, so I can see how you decorate it!


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