Some New Digs

I've been meaning to show you all some of the great new things that I've gotten lately for the house! All of which were on sale and all of which are pretty dang fabulous. I think.

Check out my $15.00 sheep skin rug (fake of course) from the old Hobby Lobby, plus I had a coupon! Total score! The cats also love it...

I think it adds some more character to my living room. I'm slowly trying to update some things in there because I've grown wayyy bored with the current set up.

I spoiled myself a little and bought a new rug for my bedroom! It looks so much better then the gray IKEA rug did and it really lightens up the space. Before it was a total gray over load with the couch and the walls and the rug being gray. It's a natural handwoven Jute rug that I got in a 5'8" at Ross for $50.00

PS: Good trick for keeping your boots from getting floppy and bent, roll up one of the billion Victoria's Secret magazines that you get in the mail and stick it inside of each boot. Works marvels!

I also finally got this garden stool I've been eyeballing FOREVER at Ross. He was a little bit of a splurge at $30.00 but he looks great! Plus adds an additional place for someone to put their drink. Which is super handy.

Oh! And I found this great Alabaster ceiling light at Goodwill for $5.99! It looks so awesome! I haven't decided what to do with it because it's super heavy but! It was one of those things I just couldn't leave at the thrift store. Right now it lives in my bathtub.

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Upon Entry

So I know that I've been really "stuck" on the kitchen the last month or so, and proudly so! Covered a lot of ground in there. One place in my house that has been bothering me for quite awhile now is my "entryway." Here is where there are serious disadvantages to a manufactured home. There is no entry way.  It's an abrupt thrust into the living space with zero definition or transitional space.

And it sucks.

I've tried to fake it with my couch and a bookshelf and a rug hidden behind the front door for soggy boots and such but it's never really worked. No where to take your boots off, set your bag down, deposit your coat. Just door open and BAM! living room.

It's almost a waste of space. I've been trying to come up with a few ways to make this a more functional area.

Here's a few inspirations that I have located:

I love the shelf! It offers hooks and decorative potential. The bench gives you somewhere easy to sit. Plus the big "N" is really awesome.

This one might make more sense. A cute mirror, a table, and a lamp. Easy and has way more function. Plus the lamp is good in terms of lighting since that end of the living area has zero lighting. Which is weird but  I also love how they used a big rug... that may be better then my small one in terms of traffic... hmmm...
This one might fit in better with the layout that I already have. I could use the ottoman that is acting as a coffee table and use it as sort of a bench thing... Definitely feeling the mirror. Perhaps I could frame out one of the old mirrors that came from my bathroom remodels. Oh DIY ideas! Yay!

I just really like this tree coat rack... I feel like I need it because it's a white tree... and it reminds me of the Lord of the Rings White Tree of Gondor... (oh yeah. I'm that nerdy.)

{source}So far I think I've got some really great ideas... I believe it is time to scour some thrift stores to get materials for a mirror and to find some sort of console table... The goal is to make this a functional space rather then a waste-o-space.

Kitchen Fixins

I have been dreaming of getting some lovely finishes for the kitchen. The kitchen is about 90% done and I consider the remaining 10% to be all those little finishes and accessories. Where else to get unique and personal awesome items but Etsy? I love it!

So here is the kitchen in its current state:

Obviously there is a big void above the window that needs to be filled. It looks sad and lonesome. I've been going back and forth on what to put up there when my roommate, Karly, and I were surfing around on Etsy. (She was looking at kitchen decor and I was looking at bike inspired decor. hehe) Karly spotted this guy for only $7.99! Holla!
(This Etsy shop is where we found it)

 I think it is going to look great! The shop owner was awesome too, when I went to order it I selected the wrong color, I emailed her super quick to ask for the "Yellow" color instead and she got back to me speedy fast and it was no problem! Yay! I'm so excited I think it's going to look great. Plus I love yellow accents.

Speaking of which I decided that the blue morroccan hand towels mixed with the moraccan pattern rugs was a little overkill on the same pattern. So on a yellow note I decided that I want to get some adorable new tea towels! And look! I found them at {this shop}and I love them. They are all kinds of vintage and lemony. *and these are a fewww of my favoritteeee thingsss* oops sorry. Broke into song there. We finally got snow here in Colorado so I've been singing Christmas carols all weekend. Blame the lingering pain from my surgery.

I also found these towels that I really liked. {Found at this shop here}They are a bit simpler but still have yellow accents that speak to me in a happy way:

 And of course since I tend to get off on tangents when I'm exploring Etsy I also found these fantabulous glasses that I have no room for in my cabinet for of course but am feeling like purchasing anyways. {Found at this shop here.}

They are sooo awesome right?? I need them. I really think I do. They are unique! Though maybe a little expensive... dang it... maybe a future DIY project then? Yes!

It's officially been two weeks since my surgery and I'm finally starting to really feel better! Thank goodness because I've been going crazy not being able to do any projects around my house. (I'm on restrictions in terms of weight I can lift, etc.) So hopefully I will have some more fun things to show you guys here soon! Plus I have another roommate moving in next week so we will be doing some painting in one of the extra bedrooms!

Kitchen Amazing-nessssss!

The biggest parts of the kitchen renovation are complete! And I must say.... I've never been happier with a transformation! It's like a complete 180 from where it started.Now the entire main living space actually makes sense.

I hope that you are ready for lots of pictures! I'll let them do most of the talking.

I went with a "greige" color for the walls so that it still was in the same palette as the living and dining room but allowed for a bit of a separation at the same time.

We redecorated the top corner of the cabinetry...

I still think this poster is the most amazing thing ever....

Still have to figure out how to decorate the top of the cabinets on the opposite side...

Closer look at the "tile" that is painted with standard white semi-gloss... beautiful.

Here's the kitchen with all the decorations, etc back in their original home. So lovely!

Of course over the summer I will paint out the ceiling and the trim which will make it look much better....

And here is what you've all been waiting for!
The comparison!


Sure, I would prefer to have gorgeous white stone counters and stainless steel appliances but! I have totally revamped the feel of my house for less then I would spend on the counters themselves.

Total investment in the kitchen project so far?


Budget Tile-ish

One of the main hurtles that I had to jump in the kitchen was definetly the backspash. The rest of the room was easy enough to find a solutino for. Paint the cabinets, paint the hardware, paint the counters, but it was a little more complicated in the backsplash department because well... all I had before was those icky bisque tiles.  Though as you can see.... they were definitely better then the original wall coverings! Yuckk.

I wanted a gorgeous white tiled look... without the white tiled price. So it was tile to go rooting around for some solutions! I discovered this idea of paintable wallpaper, and I was definitely hesitant at first. My house was originally a nightmare of the stuff peeling of the wall and being otherwise unsavory.

I was finally sold on the idea when I came across this tiled looking wallpaper by Allen Roth at Lowe's. It was cheaper then tile by a couple hundred dollars and much easier to install! It also came with relatively easy to follow step by step directions.

Tools that you're going to need:
XACTO knife
Measuring tape
Pooled water of some sort (I filled up the sink)

So the first thing that you have to do is measure out the segment of wall that you want to cover, height and width of course. Next you want to cut out that amount of wallpaper and soak it in the water for 30 seconds. It's important to make sure that all of it gets wet because in a prepasted wallpaper like the one I'm using, the water is what activates the paste so it will adhere to the walls.

After the paper is thoroughly wet you want to fold it onto itself for 5 minutes. This also helps the paste get tackier and have a better adhesion.

While you are allowing the paper to stand for five minutes be sure to thoroughly clean the area where you will be applying the paper. Don't want gunkies hanging out behind your beautiful new wallpaper!

When you first put it on the wall it will look a little bit translucent. Once it dries it will become more white with a matte finish to it. Be sure to have something handy to help you smooth out the paper and make sure it is tightly adhered to the wall.

Looks good so far right??

I broke mine down into different sections so that it was easier to apply. This is where the Xacto knnife is handy. You just need to cut out the sections where there are outlets or switches. Be very careful though! When it's wet the paper tears very easily!

Here's what it looks like all the way across! Pretty great right? It's going to look so fresh and clean when I'm all done!

We will still need to apply the final semigloss white coat in order to make it really water proof as well as framing out the backsplash to give it a more finished look but overall I'm really happy and excited about my new DIY backsplash! Plus... it was totally budget friendly and if I do get bored with it or switch out the counters it just peels off in sheets.

First wallpaper attempt... total win!

DIY Planters

This little area of my cabinets has always been a challenge. It looks weird and nothing really fits very well right here either. 

I found the idea on pinterest to take some Ball jars, which we found easily enough at a local thrift store, and use them as planters. I already had the hooks up from when I first started decorating and put up the chalk board. So I figured I'd do my own version! I bought wire from the floral department at Hobby Lobby that looked like twine but was much stronger and wrapped it around the mouth of the jar and then hooked em up on the seahorse and mermaid hooks!

Check it out!

Of course I used fake flowers because my cats have the obnoxious tendency to eat all of the greenery that is of a natural sort in my house. Not to point any fingers. (Lucy!)

The counters are a little messy but check out the over all effect! I really like it!

A perfect solution to a funky little spot. Yay!

Cleaning Out The Closet

A few months ago I made the decision to close down the office in my house and rent the room back out for some extra cash flow. Being single and obsessed with DIY and decorating doesn't always jive with a limited pocket book, so it was a smart move for sure. My new roommate Karly, who I totally love because she's 1-  totally adorable 2- has been following my blog forever and 3- loves to decorate too! Anyways Karly moved into the room that was the office because she loved the way that the stripes look.

Pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Which I do. 

But! Back on subject. We wanted to figure out a way to maximize the space for Karly so that it would work the best for her. There will soon be two girls sharing the small space that is the guest bathroom so it's important to make sure that everything has it's own space. 

First things first.... we took out the gigantor doors in the bedroom. They are huge and covered in 80s western fake veneer. (Hard to believe all those things could happen at once ey?)

Which now makes it look gigantic!! I have tried to convince Karly that she needs more clothes. I think it's starting to work!

Since the left side of the closet is so large I've previously had roommates fit things like dressers, 40" TVs, and all sorts of other big items in that area to really take advantage of the real estate in there.

At Goodwill we found this great little desk....

For $27.99! It's in a little rough shape because it was obviously well used but it fits perfectly in that area of the closet. We  figure she can use it both as a desk and as a vanity area so that way she's not fighting the other roommate for the bathroom or that kind of thing.

I shall keep you posted as we get it all cleaned up and put into the closet. We have big plans for Karly's room! It's exciting to have a roommate that appreciates all the hard work that goes into this DIY stuff. I think we're going to have a fabulous time.

Lighten Up!

 Happy Monday everyone! This is sort of a scary Monday for me... I have surgery today at 3:30pm in order to *finally* remove the cyst on my right ovary. I'm definitely scared, but it's about time that I had it done since I've been battling it for a few months now. In the meantime I've got a few posts scheduled for you to see! You will probably be relieved, they are not all kitchen related!

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Alright now that the housekeeping stuff is out of the way I'll get to the fun stuff! Recently I've had another switcharoo of roommates and the only bedroom ceiling I had left unpainted was crying out for attention. It wanted to match! And it also wanted a less cheap-looking light fixture.

Here's the sad and dark before:

I decided to just go with a basic WalMart flushmount for that bedroom. It works because it sits closer to the ceiling and still looks good. The ceilings in the bedrooms aren't super high so cute and dangly chandeliers are out.

Here's the ceiling after a fresh coat of paint. Looks wayyy better right?

And the new light from the hallway! I love the way that doing little things makes such a huge difference. New fresh and shiny ceiling and light fixture. Yay!

It makes the room seem sooo much bigger. It's fantastic. Plus the new light fixture really makes it look more updated.

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday!