Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Look and Outdoor Walls

As you can see I've been making some updates and changes to my blog trying to get it all prettied up for the summer. I've neglected it for the last couple months and it needs some love! So just hang with me while I get it all situated! And if you have any suggestions feel free to email me at or comment.

 But moving onward to home related things. I've been tossing around some ideas for sprucing up my front porch space.

Here's what it currently looks like:

That one lone star is the only wall decoration that I have up. And it's been there since the first summer I've owned the house. I'm trying to think of some other ways to decorate that big ole blank wall.

I've seen some really cool "urban gardens:"

I really like this one because it seems really natural. Also looks like I could make that out of free wood pallets. Free. Love that.


I've seen these little guys all over the place and the more I see them the more I like them. I think they would be fun in the concrete area where we keep the grill. They'd be up and out of the way but would add some interest and greenery. Perhaps I could do my own version with one big pot and then several little ones around it? Hmmm. 

This may be a better solution! I could find some wall scones from the thrift store or something that are supposed to be used for candles and instead find a way to use them for some cheap clay pots that have been spray painted. That way I'm not drilling any major holes into the exterior walls and I can paint them any color and change them around. I think I like this idea better. 

What do you think? What have you seen that is a great, easy, and preferably low maintenance outdoor wall goodness?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Little Desk-perate

Since the semester is finally over and the summer has begun, I've finally been getting around to the things I should have done a long time ago. After this summer I move into my student teaching semester and then graduation (!!!) so I really needed somewhere a little more organized and ready to take on a full teaching work load. And that looked prettier.

The chaos of my desk before:

Needless to say there was not very much work going on in this corner. Just looking at it I feel panicked. Not good. Since my roommate Karly moved back to Alaska (sad face) I decided to take the desk that I had originally purchased for her room way back when and put into mine. 

Here's the switcheroo (and of course Lucy investigating. Cat.):

At least she's kinda cute....

After I chased her off and rearranged a little bit...

It's not very comfy on the wrists to have the keyboard on top like it is so I want to convert this little top pull drawer into a keyboard drawer. I think it'd be fairly simple and would look way better.

But for now this is the set up that I have going. It is much better! It first of all looks way better because it coordinates with all the other white furniture that I have in my room but it also has those handy storage drawers. I can fit stuff inside of them! It's magical really.

Here's an angle of the whole "office" corner:

When I grow all the way up I am definitely going to have a separate office area so that I can have my bedroom for it's original purpose but for now this definitely works much better then the old desk situations that I've tried. Not too bad for a thrifted $30.00 desk!

What do you guys think of the switch? Better?

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Makin It Pretty!

I have another roommate moving in next weekend who is planning on staying for about 6 months. Which works out perfectly! I graduate in December 2012 and let's face it... I have no idea what I'm doing after that so it works out perfect. She is coming from sort of far away though and really needed a furnished room.

I've really been wanting to have furniture for a guest room. Works out great.

So here was what was in the room before: (remember when it was my office? ahhh miss those days.)

I already had that IKEA rug (just like everyone else in the world) and it's been migrated around the house all over the place. I also had that end table from a previous roommate who couldn't take it with her. Of course the curtains, got a steal on em at Target. I love you Target.

Since I rearranged my desk situation a couple weeks ago I moved my old desk into the bedroom so that there was a desk space. Also added my IKEA lamps that used to be in the living room and a cork board that I bought for my future classroom but has just been sitting in my closet.

Lucy enjoys being in every photo.

Karly left behind these sweet vintage 1970s prints and my mom gave me that small dresser. TV also inherited from somewhere.

I finally nailed up the mirror that has just been leaning against the wall for over a year and behind the door in this little nook is a perfect spot.

Did you notice what was missing in the whole furnishing thing? Yup. A bed. So since I have a motto that single ladies can do just about anything I had to test that out.

By driving my Dad's 1970something Scout Traveller. Let's just say it was one of the first automatics ever created, and it didn't have a review mirror. The pick up box trailer was about as scary to drive as it is to look at.

Using my impressive brawn I was able to wrestle the full sized bed (box spring, mattress, and frame) that I bought from my friend into the house. It was definitely a work out

And here is Lucy of course giving a thorough inspection.

I'm going to Denver the second weekend in June and am going to be buying more curtains for the closet so I decided to take the curtains in my room and put them into the guest rooms so that it would be finished and I wouldn't have to worry about it.

I had this bedding set that I decided to put on the bed. My friend gave me a totally cute set but Pouka decided to over it in her fluffies (the bed set was black and dark grey) and so I decided to switch it for something lighter. New sheets, pillows, and bed skirt. Should work out pretty well!

It's all pretty and fairly neutral which makes it work as a guest bedroom and as a roommate room. Of course if she doesn't like any of it we can definitely move it around or change it. But it seems to pass Lucy's test!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Artist's Purpose

The living room was yet another one of those things that I've had on my Summer To-Do List, as I've mentioned before I've had the same artwork and arrangement set up for the last year. Okay, I'll be honest. More like for at least three years. It was time for some advancement in the art department.

Remember the sad and cheap IKEA framed posters that were up before?

My picture quality sucks on this one but! I finally bought some new art work! I've saved up a little bit from my last few paychecks because I wanted something big and awesome for the awkward wall above my TV. I went to Ross this weekend and well... I definitely went BIG!

Here's a better shot of the picture that I bought. I got it for only $49.99 which was a pretty good price for such a large piece. I thought about doing something great and DIY but I really liked this one and I feel like it is definitely what the space was needing! Next thing is a new TV and stand!

I also bought this picture off of I love Target! I tried to find it in the store but it is only available online. Which makes it more fun and unique. I like it because it has both a red head and a bicycle on it. I love both of those things. (source)

I plan to put it just above the bookshelf that I moved around the other day in my entryway rearranging excursion. 

I'm super excited for these new changes it makes a huge difference just walking into the house. Love it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Open Sesame!"

So my summer officially, totally, 100% really starts on this Friday the 25th. I've been done with my semester since last week but I'm still participating in the high school where I've been placed to student teach. It's been a lot of fun and really rewarding! I'm looking forward to teaching next year that is for sure!

I have been able to start on a few things from my "Summer To-Do List" and I must say things are looking pretty good! I've been working on the smaller projects first because I have also switched back to working four ten hour shifts, so I've been packing in the weekends!

One of the projects I've been working on is my entryway.... remember how that odd space looked before?

Mostly just dysfunctional and highly unappealing. I wanted something that would make you pause for a second and appreciate. Maybe feel great walking into the room, since it's one big open space first impressions are important.

So I went on a journey! I wasn't on a journey to find new things for the entryway, actually I was looking for a new desk chair when I happened across this BE-A-UTIFUL vintage dressing table at Habitat for Humanity. Seriously. I almost died. I started pacing. Texting my roommate. Sending pictures. Measuring. It was mine! Anddd it was only $45.00! Practically magic!

Isn't it fabulous! It's at least 50 years old (if not more) and was made not too far from where I live in Montrose, Colorado. Handcrafted. Ahhh so awesome!

This is about as far as I have gotten with putting it in place and styling it. You can see that I just relocated the bookshelf to the other wall. Which I didn't like at first but I'm really starting too. I think with a little accessory moving around action and such it'll be truly fabulous.

Plus my new vintage bronze lamp that I found at Salvation Army for $6.00! 

Bookshelf of course needs work but hey! It's not too bad!

What do you think of my vintage find? Have you been finding anything good this summer at thrift shops or resale stores?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Living Room Blues

The living room is the space in the house that is used the most out of any other room, even the bathroom probably. So when it occurred to me today that it is the only room in the entire house that has not had any sort of remodel or revamp aside from some new pillows, it made me a little sad. 

Well Mister Living Room, it is your turn now! Or at least within the next few weeks. Or month. 
Give or take.

So as you've seen this is what the living room looks like right now, basically the same that is has for the last 3 years.

One year ago it looked like this:


And this is what it still looks like now:

One of my favorite (and pretty much everyone's favorite) blogs is Young House I loveeee the color that they painted their family room and have been eyeballing it since they did it. It's still light and airy but adds a level of sophistication that my peanut butter colored walls definitely don't have. Certainly I don't want to copy them because I already have a lot of gray in my house. My bedroom and the two bathrooms are gray but I feel like a change is needed. That and the paint has been touched up so many times in the living room that one section isn't exactly the same as the next so for it'd be nice to have it a consistent hue.

Here's the color they use that I really like:


Of course the ceiling would also experience a white face lift along with the trim around the top and the big-ole beam. It has the potential to be a whole new space! And that's a little scary.

What do you think? Any color recommendations? I don't want to do anything to bold or crazy for resale reasons (I graduate in December so who knows what I will do after that?).

I'm nervous but excited for this space to receive a new life!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Line Up

One of the things on my Summer To Do List was to get these curtains lined in order to help with the overheating issue that was happening and will continue happening over the summer as it gets hotter. Also to extend the life of my cute metallic curtains.

Here's what they look like at about 2:00pm in the afternoon on a typical day. You can't hardly tell there is dark gray curtains up!

At WalMart they make it super easy and for $24.95 you can buy this set up curtain liners. These curtains aren't a special height or anything so it worked great. It also has directions in the package so I won't give a tutorial or anything like that.

But here's the curtains at the same time of day with the black out curtain liners installed. Makes a huge difference!

There's one thing off the list of Summer projects! Still so many to do!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Flowers

Since we have worked so diligently at making the inside of our house as pretty as possible, we decided that the outside needed a little love too.

Even trailers can be cute!

So we went on an adventure into the garden department and found some lovely plants.
I kept shouting to my roommate that we were in nature! It's sort of a joke since I'm a redhead I don't go outside much in the summer during the day. (It hit about 90 degrees here last week. Ouch.)

Here is our plant purchases!

So pretty right? We also bought some new lights for along the front walk. These ones are a very pretty copper which looks way better then our cheapy $1.00 black ones. Though I bought a few of those for by the driveway. Hey! They're only a dollar!

This was Lucy's position the entire time Karly and I were working on the plants outside. She an see straight out the front screen door.

We took out all of our plants and pots and assessed what needed to be done. Aside from sweeping off the porch.

And then! We started planting! I didn't want to sit on the ground and get dirty so I squatted the whole time, which is why my legs look funny. Hehe.

 And this is Karly's begonia that she is most proud of. It lives in it's own little yellow sunshine pot.

My Mom goes on sprees where she cleans out her entire shed or garage and gets rid of a bunch of things. Like old clay pots that she never uses. Well I've never used them either so we decided to give them some new life so they didn't just look like cheap clay pots. How you ask?

Why spray paint of course! We used Oil Rubbed Bronze on the pots in order to give them a new look.

Like I said my legs look funny but the painting looks good!

While the other pots were drying I got to work planting in my new pretty pots from Ross. The sticker said they were handcrafted in Vietnam.

Here is what we have so far for our planting, it makes the front look great! We still want to get something for the step by the front door but that's a couple weeks away.

Oh and we did sweep and clean off the front porch and put some of our decorations back up.

I found this random small American flag so I stuck it into one of the pots.  We are very patriotic.

Here's a photo of our grillin' area also. Those yellow daisies are growing well! They are also  fake... I'm good at fake plants. I want to do more with this area, like put up some sort of lighting and decoration and repaint the chairs that are out there.

A parting few shots of our flowers....

And our pretty new copper solar lights!

I am very proud and excited about our pretty new flowers. Little things make it all seem so much better! For just a few dollars it updated our entire look and feeling about walking up our front steps. 

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