Back "Yard"igans

One of the things I mentioned still wanting to do in my Year of the Upgrades post was de-ghettoifing my back "yard" area. Really it's a glorified dog run that is mostly useless and largely unappealing. I hate that I can see the neighbors gross collection of used up tires. But first I want to come up with the best ideas...
Here's a reminder of the awful view.

The door also needs to be replaced pretty badly. I haven't decided about the pet door. Recently I received a notice from the city that my dog barks too much so I'm not sure that I would want Sebastian just coming and going as he pleased when I couldn't monitor his barking (I really don't want a ticket for that. That would be dumb.)

This is what the door looks like from the inside (before the remodel lol) and I honestly don't remember the last time it was used. So I am thinking about switching the "swing" from right hand swing in, to left hand swing in. I like having a window in the spring and winter because it makes it very nice and bright in there but in the summer it tends to heat it up way too much... and the litter box is in there. Bad combo.
Maybe something like this? (Again not sure if I want the pet door or not)
The other part of the back yard that needs some specific attention is the porch.... that crap is nasty. No other way to put it. Sebastian won't even walk on it.
I found a few ideas when I went a-googlin'. Sorry some of them I couldn't find sources for.
Something like this might be nice in terms of actually being able to USE the dang thing. This way I could maybe put the recycling bins from under the sink out there and perhaps create some other storage options. I would have to have steps on both sides for access reasons... more trouble then it's worth maybe?

I could go all super basic and just have steps on both sides of the landing. Access both directions. Pretty basic. 
Or maybe an upgraded version of what I already have, just you know, something you could actually walk on without fearing for your life.

The fence is also part of the issue. It's chain link, which does the job but adds zero in terms of privacy and doesn't help with keeping Sebastian from barking like a crazy beast. These are called "slats" and you just stick em into the chain link. It would be about 1/8 the cost of installing even a four foot privacy fence. 

Exteriors seem so much more complicated then interiors sometimes... Let me know if you think of any better ideas for that useless backyard space.


  1. LOVE the first porch that is enclosed. Then you can hang and not stare out at the ugliness next door. And I love the idea of the slats. So definitely do the slats, and then whatever else you can afford... but DEFINITELY the slats.

  2. I love the slats idea! You have to do that! I think a new door will make a huge difference too. I love having a doggie door, but Ringo and Abby don't bark much so I don't have to worry about that. Except one night they were barking like crazy and I got mad at them...come to find out there was a coyote on the other side of the fence! Poor dogs were just trying to protect their yard and they got yelled at. Anywhoooo, for the porch - I like the first one, but of course it's probably the hardest and most expensive option. I think the other two ideas would be good too.


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