Colorado Adventures

The most amazing part of being graduated is that even with two jobs I finally have time to enjoy the beautiful country I live in! My roommate Jennifer and I decided to go on a hike one day to a trail called "Devil's Kitchen" on the Colorado National Monument. 

This is as you go up towards what we dubbed as the "oven."

The wide sweeping view of the valley that I call home!

Jennifer likes to get all up in and around the rocks.

I climbed up on top of this big ole sandstone rock (notice the difference in our clothing choices? haha)

Wow. So beautiful. I love it!

My "I love Colorado" moment... haha

Rock climbing with no make up on. We named that rock Steve, you had to love Steve to get up to the next point.

There's definitely a reason they call it colorful Colorado. 
It is so glorious to live in a place like this where I can have an active lifestyle and a natural jungle gym just outside my door. 

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  1. So pretty! I love all of the pictures! There's actually quite a few nice places to hike around Phoenix, but I've never done any of them *hangs head in shame* One of these days...


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