Critter Art

*I used to have a picture of this while I was in progress... now I can't find it... sorry!*

 This is my furbaby art! The whole project only cost me about $8.00 to create, and that was all just buying the canvases in a three pack at Michael's. I decided that since I don't have any children I could make some cool silhouette art, like I've seen on Pinterest to honor my precious babyfurries.

I'm pretty good at free hand drawing just from seeing something, like the animals moving around the house. But you can google search black and white images of cats and dogs and find some good silhouettes. At that point you could then cut them out and trace them and just fill in the space with black paint. They would also look really cool on a color. I just can't commit to more than black and white (maybe why I'm single? haha).

The living/dining area currently. They'll be changed to a different location once the whole redo action starts happening but they look pretty good right now I think! 

Does anyone else do tribute art to their animals? 
Happy Friday!! It's Spring Break for us next week and I start my second job working at Lowe's (uhmmm can you say... diy discount?!)  but I am sure I will be starting to make some headway on the walls and painting. Bye peach beach walls!

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  1. They turned out really nice. I like how you made them in a group of 3. And I'm super impressed that you free-handed those.

    Happy Spring break!!! Mine just started as well. YAY :) And have fun at Lowe's - that will be perfect for you!

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

  2. I got this really neat Picasso line drawing collection at Ikea.
    I love it, and made 2 more cat line drawings to go with it. Im planning on more cat line drawings in the future!!! I love how creative you are!

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  4. Awww furbaby art! I love how they turned out! I'm impressed you free handed those! If I tried to freehand Ringo and Abby they'd look like those ink blot tests!

  5. Hi, Meaghan! Stopping over from the 'Wow Us Wednesday' blog hop. What a simple, yet creative DYI wall decor project! I have a couple of my own "furbabies" that I may try doing silhouettes of. So cute!
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage


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