Friday, March 8, 2013

Dining Room Bones

The dining room was one of the other locations that I've been wanting to update. This would actually be one of the easiest rooms to get started. It's really just updating furniture. Here's what the joint looks like right about now:

The traditional style solid cherry table is beautiful, there is no doubt. But it is pretty big for my dining room. Also the upholstered seats just attract cat hair like crazy so no one will really even sit in the seats at this point. Basically the table is useless for anyone but the kittans.

I'm thinking that selling the table is the best way to start making some extra cash for buying my new furniture. The table does have some slight scratches on the top from a roommates puppy 5 years ago. But someone with patience could buff them out pretty easily. So we'll see.

Here's the mood board for my dining room:
Dining Room Love

I want it to connect back with my living room since it's just one big gigantic space really. So I'm sticking with the white table. Which would be this one from IKEA for $279.00 {here} and the four vintage chairs I like are from Overstock for $199.99 {see em here}

And I love the idea of having two bookcases on either side of the window. Right now I have my chevron buffet under the window which works pretty well, especially if there's a smaller table involved. I like these from IKEA. They are affordable and go with the one that I already have in the living room. Plus they are versatile, if I get bored with them there I can move them somewhere else. They're $59.99 a piece.

Total I need to raise for dining room extravaganza:

Dining Table IKEA: 279.00
Set of 4 Chairs: 199.99
Two IKEA shelves: 119.98

Total: 600.00 bones.

Maybe I should have a bake sale? lol. The first thing I would probably buy is the chairs since they are on Overstock and their stuff moves out so quickly. I guess it's time to start selling that dining table. Craigslist here I come.  

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  1. I seriously love your dining room plan! It's going to be amazing! Right now is offering 10% off to new customers. I've bought stuff from them before, but I used a different e-mail address, so they gave me 10% off the kitchen faucet I just bought. Anyway, go here: and click on activate on the 10% coupon before you buy your chairs...$20 savings! It doesn't say how long it's good for, but I'd guess awhile.

    Anyway, I love your plan for the dining room! It makes me want to finish up my dining least I finally have something hung on the walls!

    Oh, and if you want to make that anchor artwork, I could probably cut that shape out with my Silhouette and send it to you. You can just put it on a canvas/piece of wood/whatever and save yourself like $100. I saw the price of that and WOW! Or I know you are really good at painting, so you could probably paint the anchor yourself. I suck at painting, so I'd never attempt that. OK, I think I'm done now! Whew!


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