Friday, March 29, 2013

Dirty Rockin.

This year I made a pledge to myself to really make some changes to the yard outside of my little house. I outlined some of what I wanted to do in this post awhile back. 

I started out by shoveling all the rock in this triangle... (ouch....) I love the fact that Sebastian's in the background mid run. Haha.

I wanted to put it in the back by the little pathway thing because nothing grows there and it's typically a mud puddle. First I had to clean up all the leaves from the last two seasons. My neighbor's kids like to throw their broken toys over the fence which is super frustrating. They also built this atrocious looking shed. It's directly in front of my kitchen window. Grrr.

My Dad left me a bunch of his landscape tools when he moved to New Mexico so I used this fancy rake to start pulling the rocks out of the flower bed. I also broke it. Conveniently Dad also left me duct tape! :)

My neighbor gave me a huge pile of iris and tiger lily bulbs to plant so I put them all into the ground trying to space them out so that they have room to get way bigger.

I need to get some mulch to put around the tree (can't plant anything there because there is a whole nest of carpenter ants that kill everything) and then I will fill in around the new plants with the mulch as well. I think it will look way cleaner. I will sweep the sidewalk. But it was supposed to rain the day that I did the whole planting thing so I decided to hold off. In case the rain washed it away for me. 

And the big thing of rocks was transported to the back....

Also needs to be swept but it looks wayyyy better! I'm just hoping I can find some more rocks that are the same color to fill in the other side and way back by the gate. Then the "back yard" would be totally done, with the exception of replacing the steps though Jennifer (my new roomie) has an uncle that is a carpenter so we are hoping that he will accept payment of beer and dinner to help us out.

Phew. Way more yard work to go but a little free DIY headway is good for the soul!

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  1. Yay for yard work! It looks way better and it'll look really amazing once you add the mulch and finish filling in the rock. The only yard work I've been doing lately is pulling weeds, so I'm impressed you actually did some landscaping!


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