Living Room Initiation


My living room is the first thing that you see when you walk into my house, since I don't have an entryway or anything. And it usually looks kinda like this:

Yeah.... not good. I mean there's not usually a chair on the couch but it's a little messy. Part of my problem is that I have so little storage in the entire house and especially in the living room.

Here's my board of inspiration for the entire living room. My parents left me their older model 50" TV because they are down sizing their current house in New Mexico. This includes some things I already have, and things I would like to add to the room. I love mixing modern touches with vintage inspiration.

Living Room Dream

The little white TV stand in the picture above isn't exactly what I would want to have in my living room. I'm contemplating trying to build something like the picture below, perhaps using cabinets from Habitat for Humanity and then figuring out how to add bookcases. On the cheap.


Here is my overall list of things that need to happen in my living room in order to make it super duper amazing:

Living Room ReDo:
  • Consign glass end tables (since craigslist wasn't working)
  • Fix 50" TV from the rents
  • Sell IKEA entertainment stand
  • Build entertainment wall
  • make a decision on wing back chair (reupholster? sell? give away?)
  • New sectional couch
  • New flat weave area rug (more durable)
  • paint ceiling (white)
  • paint walls (Revere Pewter)
  • paint molding and beam
  • replace doors

I can't wait to get started!


  1. I'm dying over that mood board! It puts the one I'm putting together for my living room to shame. I'm going to have to step up my game...and steal some of your ideas! I can't wait to see how it turns out. Seriously, start now! I can't wait! =P

  2. Love the sectional in your mood board, I really wan to upgrade to a sectional....Your mood board looks great cant wait to see how everything turns out.


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