Reality Check.

Living Room Plan Newsflash:

(This is the only picture I have of that whole wall space. Apparently I need to get after the "before" picture taking stuff... lol) Dang those ceilings are nasty.

Sometimes I make these gigantic lofty plans that are a little well... #craycray. Like my whole plot to build an entertainment wall. What the hey. The amount I would spend on tools in order to just cut up the wood would be more of an investment then it would be worth. At this point if I go to sell my house I will be lucky to break even. Therefore if I buy anything it needs to be new home eventually friendly.

Big ass wall unit. Not move friendly.

Dumb idea.

Luckily I have new idea!

I stole this idea from Sam @ The Junk House. Mostly because she's a lovely bloggy friend. And it looks good in her house.

(Hi Sam! I stole your photo! hehe)
See how lovely that looks?? I think I want to get the model that has the larger bookcases on the sides (English major= loads of books and crap)
It's $665.00 for the whole shamboozle but considering that I have the 50" TV for a minimal repair cost of $50.00 that works out pretty evenly. (My parents hooked me up with a sound system, a little older but no big deal, and a big TV when they moved. I love them.) Plus the whole thing can be moved and would work with my new dining room concept.

What do you think? Should I save for this IKEA beauty or still try the build it your own self tactic?

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  1. GAH! I need a new couch and rug ASAP. That "progess" picture is kind of pitiful.

    Anyway, just buy the IKEA entertainment center! I originally planned to build an entertainment center too, but it made more sense just to buy one. Just make sure you measure your wall first. I was planning to buy the bigger bookcases too, but they didn't fit on my wall :( The whole thing looks a lot smaller in the store. I don't know how big your wall is, but just a heads up. Plus if the bigger bookcases don't fit on your wall, the smaller ones are $30 less/each. Anyway, I think it'll look sooo good in your living room.


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