Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Run-On List of Lists

So I got the idea to compile a gigantic list of all things my house from one of every home decor bloggers favorite sites Young House Love. Such amazing smart people. This list includes all the things I have done to each room and still want to do and is styled similiarly to the one on YHL. I think it helps me with prioritizing and knowing where to go. I know I've made a lot of lists lately but budget restraints have kept me from really starting any major projects. Hopefully this helps me decide what I can do. :)

(50% complete)
  • Fix step into house
  • Remove ramp (it's rotting and collapsing)
  • Rebuild steps in back yard
  • Pot plants
  • Repaint porch
  • Grow more grass
  • Build new back porch
  • Replace exterior doors
  • figure out a new carport situation (former roommate drove into a post so it's on it's way out)
  • organize sharage (shed+garagey thing=sharage)
  • add more motion sensor/security lighting
  • new gutters for the whole house
  • enhance privacy in back yard either with new fence or just slats
  • The yard has finally started to grow grass again...
  • Repainted the lawn furniture
  • Got a grill and lots of pots. 
(75% complete)
  • Maybe get a runner rug somewhere down the line
  • Keep updating accesories
  • Paint walls
  • Paint back of door a fun accent color
  • Replaced the floors in the whole house
  • Got a fabulous vintage vanity
  • Hung some art 

Living Room: 
(50%ish complete) 
To Do:
 If you have seen my recent post about the living room you know the list is pretty long. I say "50%ish complete" because it's fully decorated and pretty I'm just in the market to go Beyonce on that room and "upgrade ya."
  •  Consign glass end tables
  • Fix 50" TV from rents
  • Sell IKEA entertainment stand
  • Build entertainment wal
  • make a decision on wingback chair (reupholster? Sell? Give away?)
  • New sectional couch
  • New flat weave area rug (more durable than fluffy shag rug now)
  • Paint ceiling (white, durr)
  • Paint walls (either Revere Pewter by BM or Moonshine by BM)
  • paint moding and beam to  match beadboard (white)
  • replace interior doors (the holey 80's hanging off the hinges doors suck)

  • Done:
  • replaced coffee table
  • upgraded wall art
  • upgraded lighting
  • love my curtains (hehe)

  • Dining Room:
    (20%ish complete) 
    This is sort of the same deal as the living room. I want to upgrade the dining area and make it more "my style" within the next year or so. Right now I have the same furniture in there I've had since I was 18. So it's totally done remodel wise.
    • Buy new table (this one from IKEA)
    • New chairs that don't have fabric seats
    • Jute rug for under table
    • Upgrade wall art on "big wall"
    • Figure out how the heck to make window wall function/look good.
    • Paint walls to go with living room and entryway
    • Find a new fabulous light fixture. (sort of feeling a drum shade chandelier)
    • paint the ceiling/molding (white o course)
    • love my curtains
    • painted the ceiling fan so it works well enough for now
    • upgraded flooring through out the house
    (75% completed)
    To Do:
    • replace painted countertops with a new laminate (love solid surface-but it's a trailer ya'll)
    • repaint cabinets with more durable paint (been a year since I've painted em and they chip)
    • frame out doors to create shaker style
    • replace hardware
    • paint ceiling/molding to match rest of living space
    • paint behind fridge (hehe)
    • frame out wallpaper after new countertops are in
    • install new faucet
    • get prettier cabinet support sticks
    • make bar counter out of wood for a butcher block effect (Like this blogger did here.)
    • Make range hood less homely.
    Master Bedchamber:
    (90% complete) 
    • upgrade tiny nightstands to small dressers upcycled from thrift store (I have lots of clothes)
    • switch living room rug to bedroom and jute rug to dining room
    • new headboard/footboard set up
    • smaller pillows (brown ones)
    • upgrade ceiling fan to pretty light
    • paint the molding around bathroom entry, upgrade to prettier trim? maybah? 
    • upgrade to double rods
    • new bedroom door
    • replace mini-blinds
    • upgraded all the flooring
    • removed crazy scary sliding closet doors
    • installed closet organizer
    • revamped filing cabinet
    • painted ceiling fan so it's prettier for now
    • took down uglio I-wish-I-was-French-doors
    • put up curtains for closet/bathroom doors
    • turned cheapy bookcase into magical shoe display land
    • upgraded desk area
    • added new/pretty artwork
     Master Bathroom:
    (95% complete)
    • replace/fix shower stall (at least the door, it pops open. Sebastian likes it. I don't.)
    • take down cheap over the potty thing and install something prettier (only if there's studs)
    • recaulk around the vanities/tubs/shower/wet places.
    • upgrade the hardware (just painted the original stuff when I did the redo. heh.)
    • add second shelf under little shelf that has been in my trunk for 3 years... no rush yo.
    • work around garden tub area to add new tile or something. It's ugly.
    • repainted all cabinets in a two tone fashion
    • upgraded artwork
    • painted the walls and ceilings
    • added accessories
    • installed jewelry cabinet
    • added changing chair
    Cube Hallway:
    (60% complete)
    • Paint the walls to match the living room space
    • Paint ceiling/molding
    • add beadboard wallpaper from Lowe's to bottom to make it match the living room
    • upgrade switch covers
    • remove drywall strips and texture
    • replace/repaint light fixture
    • replace both bedroom and bathroom door and handles
    • added storage using old microwave stand
    • upgraded flooring along with the rest of the house
    • painted furnace cover (gotta love trailers)
    Bedroom #2:
    (10% complete) 
    This is when my unique situation comes into play. Right now in order to afford the mortgage (just graduated college-seeking new full-time job) I rent out bedrooms #2 and #3 for extra cash. Meaning I can't do much in this room. My goal time to "reclaim" this room is by the end of 2014. So a year and a half. This list will read as the future office I want it to be.
    • since this will be my office one day, I want to repaint it completely.
    • replace bedroom door and knob
    • add custom desk with lots of storage. ((sort of like this)
    • add more to the existing closet organizer for files/paperwork/craft supplies
    • get a wonderful amazing rug
    • texture the walls
    • upgrade the curtain rod
    • flooring is all replaced with the rest of the house
    • upgraded the light switch covers
    • new water heater (it's in the closet in there, again, trailer weirdness)
    • painted the ceiling and molding
    • added closet organizer for max storage space
    • took down crazy ugly closet doors and replaced with curtains
    Bedroom #3:
    (50% complete)

     To Do:
    Again this is a similiar situation to what's going on with bedroom #2. I rent this room out also because I need help with the mortgage and such. Back in the day it was my office but in the future it will be a guest room. If my life follows it's current path that should be by the end of 2013. Yay!
    • upgrade night stand and dresser
    • add headboard
    • buy a second curtain for the closet (currently has desk on one side, roomie clothes on the other)
    • add more shelving to closet organizer so can be used for seasonal shoes/clothes, etc.
    • replace bedroom door and knob
    • replace mini-blinds
    • upgraded all the flooring with rest of the house
    • purchased a full-sized guest bed
    • upgraded the curtains
    • added new curtain rod
    • painted magnificent stripes
    • already own bedding for future guest
    • have a good grey IKEA rug
    • have a TV for guest room
    • added closet organizer
    • upgraded ceiling light
    Guest bathroom:
    (90% complete)
    • upgrade to energy efficient white potty (bye-bye bisque)
    • add trim under countertop
    • replace mirror
    • touch up paint
    • painted all the walls Dolphin by Home Depot's Martha Stewart collection
    • replaced countertop
    • replaced faucet
    • tiled shower and flooring
    • replaced bathtub
    • fixed faucet/showerhead
    • added storage cabinet
    • upgraded light fixtures
    • upgraded cabinet handles
    • upgraded towel bar
    • added new art work (see the reveal for the whole thing here)
    Laundry Room:
    (68% complete)

    • lighten up the paint color, it's pretty dark
    • add tile wallpaper backsplash on space under cabinets
    • replace exterior door with an outswing insulated door with dead bolts
    • fix electric... :/
    • upgrade light fixture
    • added microchip pet door for Sebastian (little spendy but I don't want Pouka and Lucy going outside)
    • new energy efficient washer/dryer
    • build countertop
    • added storage for kitty area
    • added shelf for storage baskets
    • painted ceiling/trim/molding
    • painted cabinets
    • added cabinet hardware
    • upgraded outlet covers

     All in all, I have definitely done a lot since I've owned the house. (it'll be 5 years in May. craycray yo.) Some of the things I want to do just are reflective of where I am in my life and upgrading from the free college furniture to stuff that I would like to have for years to come. Some of it is to just keep up with the trends. At this point I think some of my redos are going to be a little sporatic. So for example, replacing furniture might be 6 months to 2 years depending on what I decide to get.

    The first five things I do plan on doing are:
    • repainting the living room (pretty sure Revere Pewter by BM)
    • painting the ceiling in the kitchen/living room/dining room area
    • paint laundry room
    • upgrade countertops
    • replace back exterior door
    Hopefully some of those other nit-picky things get knocked off along with the ones listed above. I think it will be great! Besides I get my first paycheck in March for substitute teaching so I'll finally be able to do things! (thank all holyness everywhere.)


    1. Yay! I love lists! I should put one of these together for my house...although I'm scared to see how long it would be! I want to see the living room re-painted so you should start with that! Or the laundry room because I'm curious to see what color you pick!

    2. Wouldnt it be nice if money grew on trees....I love list about as much as I love cake...I think I may have to steal this idea from you and put one of these together for my house. I am hoping to put it on the market soon, so maybe this will inspire me to get some things done.


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