Sisterhood of the Trailer Park

Some exciting news to share with the class! My roommate situation has been resolved! My baby sister is going to be moving in with me in May! She had originally moved to South Dakota to go to college and have some time with our extended family out there but has since found that, though she loves being around family, the climate and school aren't really the experience she's looking for. She's a Colorado native and can't help it. So she's coming back! Yay!

Here's a picture of Ally and little Sebastian. 

She's going to be taking over this room:

Right now the painting job has potential but the grey not going all the way through the closet looks super bad so I have to at least paint the grey part. The colors my sister wants to decorate with are coral, teal, and grey. A really fun color scheme I think! Speaking of schemes...

That's the furniture my old roommate had (they used to be gorgeous vintage wood but she spray painted them with metallic paint. kinda cool but sad in a way too.) I want to get Ally a dresser that's a similar size as well as a desk. But! I want to get them and paint them coral for her! I think that it would be fabulous.

Like this one I found on Pinterest:

I think it would be super awesome! The one wall is already teal so I will leave it up to my sister if she wants to keep it or change it to all the same color. I do need to paint some trim white and that sort of thing but I think it will be a good fit for her.

I already have a full-sized bed as well as a white bed set and white curtains that she's going to use, plus my grey IKEA rug. So it will really be just accessorizing and personalizing the whole room to make it feel like home for her.

It also gives me another excuse to decorate, and a good home for my vintage mirror (small bathroom so we'll set up a vanity area in her room. Plus I have some shelves for the little doinky wall on the right side there.)

I am super excited that my sister and I will have this opportunity to spend some real time together and grow as individuals. She's fun and spunky and always reminds me to take things a little less seriously. Love my sister!


  1. That's so exciting! I bet you are so happy that you don't have to find some random person to move in. I can't wait to see the coral dresser!

  2. How awesome that your sister will be moving in with you! Is your sister a big DIYer like you are? Coral will be so pretty - I also love that color scheme. And o my - I love that mirror on the wall!

    1. Lol she is definitely not a big DIYer. She likes the "after" and likes it when I make things for her but she hates actually doing it. Refuses to enter a thrift store and sweas she's allergic to paint. lol


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