Spring Wreath

Well it has finally happened. Yup. I have finally made something for my house! I will say that it's the first time I've ever made a wreath but it doesn't look to bad! Very simple and spring like.

Plus I only spent about $10.00 at Michael's on this because I already had a lot of the ribbon. I used a coupon on the styrofoam wreath.


  • large styrofoam wreath
  • one roll of burlap ($2.99)
  • wide white ribbon
  • thin blue ribbon
  • three clip on flowers (Michael's @0.99 a piece) 

I used my glue gun to wrap first one layer of white ribbon, in case there were gaps, and then I wrapped the burlap on top of that. Followed by the white again and a stripe of blue. I glued the flowers (I'm too lazy to buy a whole flower and deal with having to cut it. These clips were awesome because I didn't have to, and they were the same price as a stem.)

For my first try at a glue gun wreath creation I think it turned out kinda pretty! I do want to get a suction cup and then tie it with ribbon to hang but this hook works out pretty well for now.

I love you burlap!

The irony of this is that the day I hung this up it was 62 degrees and gorgeous outside, Sebastian was roasting himself in the sun, and the next day it was 35 and raining/snowing. 

I love you Colorado!


  1. Cute! It's so bright and cheery for spring! I ordered a set of wreaths, but they haven't arrived yet. I'm going to hang one on my front door and one on the mirror on the mantle. I finally took down my winter pinecone wreath this weekend though. Anyway, now I'm thinking I should have just made a wreath because I'd have it right now and not have to wait...I hate waiting for packages to arrive in the mail!

  2. aw it's so cute! I really like the burlap. The weather has also been really weird around here. It was sleeting today and below freezing...and I keep remembering how last year at this time it was 80s and we had to turn our AC on!!

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies


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