Monday, March 18, 2013

The Living Room... Before

I finally took some better pictures of the "before" living room and dining room. Before being before I start painting and changing out decorations. I used to only have one which I decided wasn't a very accurate show of how the living room currently looks.

Standing in my "entryway" space this is your view:

I have already started some of the patching, the thing with a trailer is that instead of taping and mudding over the seams in the drywall they put these lousy stripes. As your house settles (mine's not on a concrete slab) it can cause slight shifts which make the new mud crack. Also is part of the reason floating floors are good in trailers.

Here's the view into the dining room standing in the actual doorway. (Hi Pouka kitten!)

See my lovely gigantic tv hiding out behind the dining table? haha. I just need to get that fixed and it will be all ready to power up and watch HGTV in wide screen high def. Woot. There's also a sound system hiding behind the couches. Pretty clever. That's one way I'm saving money on this whole upgrade ya' thing. Using older model equipment rather than running up a credit card for new crap. (Dave Ramsey, you be proud.)

Speaking of older model my best friend, and roommate, Seth upgraded his laptop to a MacBook for his classes in college and was no longer using his old computer. So he gave it to me! For free! The only finicky thing is the power cord has to be plugged in at a weird angle at all times. Whatever. I'm good with it.

Pouka likes it also.

(Shopping for some new art on Love that place.) Next step is to take down all the wall art and patch the nail holes, fill cracks, etc. I'm trying to leave everything up until I find a new roommate. I hope I can remain that patient. lol.

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  1. First, I just want to say that I'm so excited you are posting regularly again. All of these new posts make me happy! Second, I'm so excited for your living room/dining room makeover! It's going to look amazing. And hooray for a bigger TV and a new computer! You should start patching and painting now because I'm not a patient person =)


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