The Lost Graduation Post

I have been looking through my past posts and discovered that I had never done a real graduation post! It was saved as a draft and then long forgotten. So here is the grad post that almost wasn't.... 

On the morning of our graduation several education majors, my best friend, and myself of course assembled in the parking lot of Albertson's across the street from the location of our graduation. We were clearly having some pre-graduation beverages. aka. mimosa. The young lovely lady in the beanie is my BFF Christie. We've been best friends since we were 11.


After that moment we went inside to assemble and Christie took my camera to capture the day for me. Such a good friend!

She got a good picture of my parents while they waited for the ceremony to start.

Approaching the seat that would hold my bum as an undergrad student for the last time.

This one is blurry but this is me with the president of the college, Tim Foster. My mom was up in the stands with her cow bell ringer and she started blasting it when I was shaking hands with the president. He simply looked over at me and said: "Cow bell, huh?" "Yeah, that's my mom!" He shakes his head and laughs, "Nice!"

Here's my lovely decorated hat and the certificate of my graduation! Or at least the holder... still haven't gotten the actual paper. But! It was amazing. So glad I get to start the next chapter in my life. Bye bye college!

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  1. Yay! Congrats! Graduating is so exciting! I love your decorated cap! I think a lot of the education majors at NAU decorated their caps finance people are too boring to do something like that =)


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