A Little Less Mess, A Lot More Fabulous!



I am super excited to show everyone my new wonderful and amazing bloggy! I had it custom designed by Jessica at JW Design. To be honest I'm not sure why I put it off for so long. It was so easy. We just emailed back and forth and she was super fabulous and super fast. She also put up with me saying things like "Can we make a 1 and 4 baby?" I mean... I hadn't even boughten her dinner yet. hehe. jk.
Check out all the amazing new updates! I plan on working on the pages individually as well to get them up to par.
My favorite thing is the play on font and color in the title. For instance the "messy" being a messy font and the "b" standing out... so it's sort of like "this messy B." Love that!

Oh! And don't forget to go over to my side bar to update my button on your blog if you want! It's pretty adorable also.
This Messy Business

I hope that you all love my blog as much as I do and have a fabulous week! I have a bunch of updates headed your way. :)

Living & Dining Phase II: Greiging.

I've been working hard at balancing teaching and working my second job, thankfully I've gotten some time to really work on my living and dining room re-do plan. I've got all of the walls painted! Yay! I actually managed to do it all in one day over Spring Break. I was quite tired after that however.

Remember what it looked like before?

Peanut butter, peanut butter on my walls.

Before I could really break out the rollers and paint brushes I had to patch all the nail holes I could in the walls.... um there was a lot...

Here's just one spot in the dining room... hehe. oops.

I just used this spackling paste that I had on hand. I prefer to not buy things if I don't have to.

I also tried to finish up our patching of the cracks in the wall. My dad always does a better job but here's the best "before" color and "after" new color picture that I took. I freakin love it.

Sebastian not a big fan of all the changing around... the house was destroyed the entire time.... he no like that.

The ceiling looks so dingy after the new color was in place (notice that I even painted the fire alarm by the doorway so it blends in?? It's AWESOME.)

Did I mention it was destroyed in the house? The walls take on different colors throughout the day. It's a greige so it has grey and neutral tan tones in it. I love it because it's just so versatile.

I started to put a few things back together the other day but here's the progress so far.... The ceilings have been killer to paint, same with the trim, but once the whole thing is done and updated it will be so completely worth it!

Phew! Hopefully within a few weeks I can get you the ceiling updates as well as start doing bigger projects in the dining room and living room. But no lie this has been pretty epic. I think it totally modernizes and changes the look and feel of my house. Love it!

Two-Toned Stools!

During Spring Break I went on a crazy painting everything in the house spree. One thing that I have wanted to paint for a long time is these cheap stools. They are from Target and Wal-Mart.... clearly.

The first thing that I did is take the stools outside (spray painting inside is a bad no good bad idea) and I primed the bottom of the legs with spray paint primer after I sanded and wiped them down. I only sprayed the bottoms because I bought paint and primer paint for the rest so it would just take a little sanding to prep.

The color paint that I had was from my parent's spray paint stash when they moved back in January. The lid was yellow... the wet paint was really yellow...

Once they were dry I took them inside one at a time to pain the remaining part of the stool. While watching "He's Just Not That Into You." My favorite movie ever. I love it. It's #bombdotcom.

My neighbors probably thought I had been negatively effected by all the spray paint fumes since I lined all my stools up in the front yard. haha.

Since I now work at Lowe's as one of my secondary jobs I found this fabulous quart of paint for only $7.00 plus 10% employee discount. Pretty sweet right?

I used painters tape to make a straight line for the grey at the bottom of the stools. The yellow spray paint definitely became very orange by the time it was dry which at first I was peeved about but now that I've been around it I actually really like em! Plus Pouka on top of the cabinet is always funny. If you follow me on Instagram (right side bar above my picture) you can see all the funny pictures of "Captive Pouka" that I post.

Here's another angle! Aren't they amazing??? I did take a clear spray paint and seal the top of the seats as well as the rungs just to make them last as long as possible. Ignore the destruction in the background. You'll see why soon!

I feel like it really upgraded the whole look of the area and made the stools way less.... well... cheap, even though the project itself totally was! Only $7.00! Had all the paint on hand and only bought the gray! Boom. My kinda stools.

Yay! It's been a super crazy and exciting month around here lately but also a lot of fun. I'm still working on getting the rest of my sister's room put together. Still have a few more weeks to get that going so I will get you all the deets once it is put together.

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This has been a pretty wild month and I thought that I would send out a little shout to my favorite app of all time... Instagram! I love it totally. I'm constantly snapping pictures with my doggie and kittans. Here's a grid of just a few of my favorites:

I know it's a little crazy that I included a picture of a boy up there at the top but he's really nice and I like him. So we'll see. But my birthday celebration was a total blast... I ended up having a better time at that then at my 21st birthday party! Pretty fabulous. Pouka has been working on her bloggy skills while I've been teaching and working on some major house projects!

Here's a picture from my birthday of my awesome-somewhat-inappropriate-tiara...

This is how we spend late nights at our house... painting nails and napping...

More pup pictures!

Hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday so far! Feel free to follow me on the ole instagram action (user name @missmcds) Yay!

It Always Gets Worse...

It's official. The house is destroyed. It looks awful. Terrible awful. Horrendous.

But it always looks worse before it looks better... At least that's what I'm told because damn... this is #craycray. Sebastian refused to go into the living room for the first two hours that it looked like... well... this...

Things were only worse in my roommate Jenn's room.... That's a lot of beds in one space...

Looks totally messy... it's hard to believe someone will be living in there. I love when rooms are empty at my house so that I have a chance to sit and actually enjoy the space that I own before someone moves in and takes it over.

One last parting shot of the living room... Also one of the last times you'll see the colors painted in a peanut butter hue! Bye bye for like... ever. Yay!

You'll be seeing the new paint color here soon, I can't wait to show it to you since it is going to be fabulous. I moved my yard sale up to this weekend so that maybe I can get farther along with my living room/dining room update lists.

My Favorite Day

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's sort of weird to think that I am now 23 years old. I know for some people that's not a big deal but it seems a strange age to me. I feel pretty good about it though, I own my house, have a cute dog, great career, fun friends. Life is good!

To celebrate another year in life on the blog I decided to share with you 23 things about me you may not know, unless you're my mom, then she knows everything.

  1. I loathe styrofoam. I don't wanna touch it. I don't wanna eat off of it. I hate it.
  2. I have to have my nails painted, it's like my thing. I am also a total nail polish snob. I love Essie and OPI polish.
  3. I have worn the same size pants since I was 17... I guess that's cool.
  4. I haven't gotten my hair cut since August, as I am afraid of scissors.
  5. I have 14 pillows just in my bedroom. :) heh.
  6. My middle name is Lynn.
  7. There is a tattoo on the top of my foot of the Celtic tree of life. It's a more pagan version. That crap hurt real bad.
  8. I love taking long showers in the mornings. It's my vice, I need a solid 20 to 30 minutes. I wish I was one of those awesome people that just hops out of bed in the morning, goes on a jog with the dog, and goes to work and leads a healthly successful career. No. Not me. Never will be.
  9. I like to play beach volleyball, even though I suck at it horribly.
  10. I would love to run in a Color Run kind of thing... so I need to get into better shape.
  11. Favorite wine: Moscato right now
  12. Favorite movie at the moment is "He's Just Not That Into You." I watch it a lot.
  13. I am an Aries....
  14. My best friend's name is Christie and we have been best buds since we were 11, her birthday is also today! Happy Birthday friend!
  15. I wear a belt every day. I just have to. It's a thing.
  16. My ideal outfit is a white V-neck tee that fits well, a pair of dark indigo skinny jeans, a camel toned belt, flippy floppies, and a braid. It's sort of like my summer uniform.
  17. I own 6 swim suits. Only 1 has ever been in the water.
  18. I don't know how to swim very well, like at all.
  19. My doggy's full name is Sebastian Lee Harold
  20. My eldest cat's full name is Pouka Lynn
  21. I typically don't like other redheads... especially if their name is Megan. Meaghan. Mayghan, Meagan, or Magan.
  22. I have this idea in my brain that I will marry a guy that looks like Prince Eric. Therefore it should have to happen.
  23. One of my biggest goals in life is to eventually publish a novel.

Well, I think those are relatively random. Hope that satisfied a bit of curiosity out there. Also if you follow me on Instagram, you will likely see some birthday #craycray-ness on there today. 

Ye have been warned.

Bestiality: Painting Laminate

There is just a little bit of time left (3 weeks) before my sister moves in with me at the beginning of May! I am super excited for her to be here but there's SO much to do to get her room ready. I have officially knocked one major project off of her bedroom to-do list, which you can see in this post.

Here's the desk I found at Habitat for Humanity for only $15.00. 

And here's what it looks like with it's drawers out!

First step with laminate furniture is to try and sand some of the film off the top and then scrubbing it with a mild abrasive to remove any film and get the dust off.

I always use some sort of bonding primer on this type of material otherwise the paint does not stick to the wood at all and ends up just peeling off. I let mine sit over night to make sure that it really bonded but I don't recommend waiting any longer than that otherwise you'll have to do a second coat of the primer.

Here's the primed product:

I thought it'd be glam to mix the coral with some gold handles and to also make the legs gold. I found this light gold color on sale at WalMart super cheap.

Spray painted handles in a box lid to make it easier to carry them and paint:

And here's the finished product! I love it! I have it covered right now since it's just hanging out in the living room with the rest of her furniture but sometimes I lift the cover off of it just to appreciate it's awesomeness....

Once I get Ally's room set up you'll see just how fabulous it looks in action! It's sort of pinker than I thought it would be but I think it's pretty awesome.

Total investment: $28.00

So now for the overall to-do list for Ally's room to be done by the first of May:
  • paint over grey and carry over into closet
  • paint desk from Habitat coral
  • buy cheap dresser (also paint, coral drawers, white outer)
  • move full sized bed from striped room to Ally's room
  • make/find headboard
  • move side tables from my room to Ally's room
  • put IKEA rug in room
  • hang floating shelves on funky wall for storage
  • hang hook rack
  • full length mirror behind door
  • accessorize!

Blog News: Upgrades Pending

Since I am approaching my fifth anniversary of home ownership I decided that I should reward myself with something awesome that is house related. 

A new blog set up! Yay! I usually try to save cash and do things myself but it is so hard to do with teaching and completing the house projects, one just has to admit when they need help. Plus now that I have more time to invest in the blog as well as a much stronger financial standing than I did in the past it will be great to have something to show for it. The goal is to have the bloggy be more "user-friendly" and look crisp and professional but reflect who I am. 

Sam at The Junk House just had her blog remodeled:

And it looks totally fabulous! (Hi Sam! Stole your pictures again. hehe.) So it really motivated me to reach out to the same lovely lady, Jess, that did Sam's blog and see if she could help me out with mine as well. She totally agreed! It is in progress but I am very excited to be giving my blog (and thereby my readers) a much better life and experience. Yay!

Keep an eye out for the change, and as always I appreciate everyone who has ever followed my blog and read a post. :)

Back from Black

Recently I have announced that there are going to be a lot of furniture switcheroos at the Mess. My bedroom is no exception! I have had these dinky night stands since I moved in back in 2008 and let's just say that do not have enough storage for my needs, plus they look teeny tiny compared to the bed and sofa at the end. 

So with the roommate moving around happening my sister is going to need furniture but the dresser in that room now is not going to be big enough and my other new roommate doesn't need a furnished room so I am going to empty it out. Here's the dressers that are going to replace the night stands in my room...

Obviously they are currently in use by my other roommates but since both roommates are going to be moving out by the end of April and my sister and friend Jenn will be moving in it is a perfect time to take them back and give them a new job. I know that one is black and is going to require a great deal of painting and patience, it's still something I don't have to buy and that is always super duper.

Once they are white they will match the rest of the furniture that is in my room plus they will store a lot more of my clothing, I'm single so my cash is spent on home projects, furbabies, food, and clothes. I love it.

I'm looking forward to this summer with two new roommates, new decorating, a good job, and my yard sale craziness. Wooo! 2013 is turning into a good year!

PS: Here's the heap of stuff I've already accumulated for my sister's room. lol

Sunday Review: Paradise of the Blind

Another book review this week for you! I read this book along with some of the student's at the high school I am currently working at. They are part of an IB program which is a high level, advanced placement class. 

This book was absolutely beautiful. I can't believe how wonderful it was. It had a sort of poetic fluidity to it that really made you stop and think. I also found that there was a lot of deeper content to it that really made you do some great brain work. The setting is in a small village in Vietnam as well as the city of Hanoi and follows the journey of Hang, the main character. Hang is a female caught between two extremes, in fact in the novel you will find extremes are a constant and almost like their own characters. It's one of the most interesting books I've ever read since it doesn't follow a traditional fiction novel but I HIGHLY recommend it because it was fabulous!

You guys gave me some great suggestions last week that I'm going to be digging into! Thank you and keep 'em coming! Reading fast is a blessing and challenge since I can bust through books and am forced back into reality faster. lol.