A Little Less Mess, A Lot More Fabulous!



I am super excited to show everyone my new wonderful and amazing bloggy! I had it custom designed by Jessica at JW Design. To be honest I'm not sure why I put it off for so long. It was so easy. We just emailed back and forth and she was super fabulous and super fast. She also put up with me saying things like "Can we make a 1 and 4 baby?" I mean... I hadn't even boughten her dinner yet. hehe. jk.
Check out all the amazing new updates! I plan on working on the pages individually as well to get them up to par.
My favorite thing is the play on font and color in the title. For instance the "messy" being a messy font and the "b" standing out... so it's sort of like "this messy B." Love that!

Oh! And don't forget to go over to my side bar to update my button on your blog if you want! It's pretty adorable also.
This Messy Business

I hope that you all love my blog as much as I do and have a fabulous week! I have a bunch of updates headed your way. :)


  1. The blog looks amazing! I love it! Jess is my blog design hero.

  2. O my! It's so fun!!! I absolutely love it!


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