Baby Sister's Room To-Do:

I am obviously very excited to have my baby sister move in with me next month. I want to get her room all prettied up and ready to go for when she gets here! I am trying to use what I already have for her room to make it as magical as possible.

 I think having a cozy personalized room will make her feel more at home, especially since she went to college when my parents moved out of the house we grew up in and to New Mexico.

 Here's my inspiration for her room:
Sister's Room

Now add teal in between the grey chevron stripes and put the mirror above the desk. The desk is going to get a coral fabulous face lift. I picked it up at Habitat for Humanity for the lovely price of $15.00! It is a laminate which requires a little bit more specific painting but then again, most of the cabinets in my kitchen were laminate so I'm an old hat at it nowadays. I'll do a full post on that lovely process soon.

It'll be fabulous! Just a reminder of what it looks like now:

Essentially my plan at this point is to buy a gallon of grey paint that is as close to the original color that's there now as possible and paint it into the closet. Then I am thinking to go ahead and do some chevron stripes over the single teal wall since that's where the head of the bed is going to go.

Imagine chevron.... beautiful!

Here's the desk that is a beast but I'm going to make super beautiful:

Here's what I imagine it will look like, or at least the color I want to use for both the desk and dresser I will get for my sister:

So now for the overall to-do list for Ally's room to be done by the first of May:
  • paint over grey and carry over into closet
  • paint desk from Habitat coral
  • buy cheap dresser (also paint, coral drawers, white outer)
  • move full sized bed from striped room to Ally's room
  • make/find headboard
  • move side tables from my room to Ally's room
  • put IKEA rug in room
  • hang floating shelves on funky wall for storage
  • hang hook rack
  • full length mirror behind door
  • accessorize!

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  1. That's a lot to do in a month! But I know you can do it and it's going to look amazing! That desk is going to look awesome all painted up. I can't wait to see your progress!


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