Monday, April 8, 2013

Back from Black

Recently I have announced that there are going to be a lot of furniture switcheroos at the Mess. My bedroom is no exception! I have had these dinky night stands since I moved in back in 2008 and let's just say that do not have enough storage for my needs, plus they look teeny tiny compared to the bed and sofa at the end. 

So with the roommate moving around happening my sister is going to need furniture but the dresser in that room now is not going to be big enough and my other new roommate doesn't need a furnished room so I am going to empty it out. Here's the dressers that are going to replace the night stands in my room...

Obviously they are currently in use by my other roommates but since both roommates are going to be moving out by the end of April and my sister and friend Jenn will be moving in it is a perfect time to take them back and give them a new job. I know that one is black and is going to require a great deal of painting and patience, it's still something I don't have to buy and that is always super duper.

Once they are white they will match the rest of the furniture that is in my room plus they will store a lot more of my clothing, I'm single so my cash is spent on home projects, furbabies, food, and clothes. I love it.

I'm looking forward to this summer with two new roommates, new decorating, a good job, and my yard sale craziness. Wooo! 2013 is turning into a good year!

PS: Here's the heap of stuff I've already accumulated for my sister's room. lol


  1. That mirror looks awesome! I think I have a thing for mirrors lately :)

  2. You are going to have SOOOOO much more storage with those new "nightstands"! It's going to be amazing! The black is going to be a beast to paint, but it's going to look really good!


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