Bestiality: Painting Laminate

There is just a little bit of time left (3 weeks) before my sister moves in with me at the beginning of May! I am super excited for her to be here but there's SO much to do to get her room ready. I have officially knocked one major project off of her bedroom to-do list, which you can see in this post.

Here's the desk I found at Habitat for Humanity for only $15.00. 

And here's what it looks like with it's drawers out!

First step with laminate furniture is to try and sand some of the film off the top and then scrubbing it with a mild abrasive to remove any film and get the dust off.

I always use some sort of bonding primer on this type of material otherwise the paint does not stick to the wood at all and ends up just peeling off. I let mine sit over night to make sure that it really bonded but I don't recommend waiting any longer than that otherwise you'll have to do a second coat of the primer.

Here's the primed product:

I thought it'd be glam to mix the coral with some gold handles and to also make the legs gold. I found this light gold color on sale at WalMart super cheap.

Spray painted handles in a box lid to make it easier to carry them and paint:

And here's the finished product! I love it! I have it covered right now since it's just hanging out in the living room with the rest of her furniture but sometimes I lift the cover off of it just to appreciate it's awesomeness....

Once I get Ally's room set up you'll see just how fabulous it looks in action! It's sort of pinker than I thought it would be but I think it's pretty awesome.

Total investment: $28.00

So now for the overall to-do list for Ally's room to be done by the first of May:
  • paint over grey and carry over into closet
  • paint desk from Habitat coral
  • buy cheap dresser (also paint, coral drawers, white outer)
  • move full sized bed from striped room to Ally's room
  • make/find headboard
  • move side tables from my room to Ally's room
  • put IKEA rug in room
  • hang floating shelves on funky wall for storage
  • hang hook rack
  • full length mirror behind door
  • accessorize!


  1. I love the gold and coral combo! It looks so pretty! You did such a nice job painting over the laminate too. I can't wait to see what you cross off the list next!

  2. Wow, that turned out really well! when you said coral, I had my doubts, to be honest, but seriously, looks awesome!

  3. Looks great. I just love the retro feet on it & the color is too cool.

  4. O my goodness! This turned out so cute! Very similar to your inspiration photo! Too.


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