Blog News: Upgrades Pending

Since I am approaching my fifth anniversary of home ownership I decided that I should reward myself with something awesome that is house related. 

A new blog set up! Yay! I usually try to save cash and do things myself but it is so hard to do with teaching and completing the house projects, one just has to admit when they need help. Plus now that I have more time to invest in the blog as well as a much stronger financial standing than I did in the past it will be great to have something to show for it. The goal is to have the bloggy be more "user-friendly" and look crisp and professional but reflect who I am. 

Sam at The Junk House just had her blog remodeled:

And it looks totally fabulous! (Hi Sam! Stole your pictures again. hehe.) So it really motivated me to reach out to the same lovely lady, Jess, that did Sam's blog and see if she could help me out with mine as well. She totally agreed! It is in progress but I am very excited to be giving my blog (and thereby my readers) a much better life and experience. Yay!

Keep an eye out for the change, and as always I appreciate everyone who has ever followed my blog and read a post. :)


  1. I can't wait to see what Jess comes up with! She originally sent me 4 different designs to choose from and they were all was so hard to decide on just one!

  2. How fun! I'm excited to see how yours turns out!!!


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