This has been a pretty wild month and I thought that I would send out a little shout to my favorite app of all time... Instagram! I love it totally. I'm constantly snapping pictures with my doggie and kittans. Here's a grid of just a few of my favorites:

I know it's a little crazy that I included a picture of a boy up there at the top but he's really nice and I like him. So we'll see. But my birthday celebration was a total blast... I ended up having a better time at that then at my 21st birthday party! Pretty fabulous. Pouka has been working on her bloggy skills while I've been teaching and working on some major house projects!

Here's a picture from my birthday of my awesome-somewhat-inappropriate-tiara...

This is how we spend late nights at our house... painting nails and napping...

More pup pictures!

Hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday so far! Feel free to follow me on the ole instagram action (user name @missmcds) Yay!

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