Living and Dining Phase I

Happy April Fool's Day!
Did anyone pull off some good tricks today?

Phase I of the living room and dining room redo! First thing was taking down all of the wall art so that I can start patching the little nail and thumb tack holes in the walls as well as where the texture is separating.  Here's what the walls look like all kinds of naked!

Sorry it was a little messy that day in the house...

I stripped down the hallway leading to the two bedrooms and guest bathroom...

I will obviously have to move the big shelving unit but I figured that could wait until I actually start painting since the space is rather limited.

Dining Room:

Here's the beginnings of my Yard Sale stack. I am going to be selling quite a bit of furniture also but here's some of the odds and ends. I am going to do it the first weekend of May (weather permitting) because I'll have a four day weekend from the school and that's the weekend before my sister moves in so I can hopefully make some extra cash for the redo projects in her room.

Next step is finishing up the patching and then the painting shall commence! Wooo!


  1. I know a secret about the painting...and it looks so good! hee hee! Anyway, I'm so excited about this whole makeover! It's going to look amazing!

  2. hm what's the secret Sam knows? I'm intrigued.

    The little wreath on your door looks super cute. And I love garage sales. I would totally help you with yours if I lived closer :)


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