Friday, April 19, 2013

Two-Toned Stools!

During Spring Break I went on a crazy painting everything in the house spree. One thing that I have wanted to paint for a long time is these cheap stools. They are from Target and Wal-Mart.... clearly.

The first thing that I did is take the stools outside (spray painting inside is a bad no good bad idea) and I primed the bottom of the legs with spray paint primer after I sanded and wiped them down. I only sprayed the bottoms because I bought paint and primer paint for the rest so it would just take a little sanding to prep.

The color paint that I had was from my parent's spray paint stash when they moved back in January. The lid was yellow... the wet paint was really yellow...

Once they were dry I took them inside one at a time to pain the remaining part of the stool. While watching "He's Just Not That Into You." My favorite movie ever. I love it. It's #bombdotcom.

My neighbors probably thought I had been negatively effected by all the spray paint fumes since I lined all my stools up in the front yard. haha.

Since I now work at Lowe's as one of my secondary jobs I found this fabulous quart of paint for only $7.00 plus 10% employee discount. Pretty sweet right?

I used painters tape to make a straight line for the grey at the bottom of the stools. The yellow spray paint definitely became very orange by the time it was dry which at first I was peeved about but now that I've been around it I actually really like em! Plus Pouka on top of the cabinet is always funny. If you follow me on Instagram (right side bar above my picture) you can see all the funny pictures of "Captive Pouka" that I post.

Here's another angle! Aren't they amazing??? I did take a clear spray paint and seal the top of the seats as well as the rungs just to make them last as long as possible. Ignore the destruction in the background. You'll see why soon!

I feel like it really upgraded the whole look of the area and made the stools way less.... well... cheap, even though the project itself totally was! Only $7.00! Had all the paint on hand and only bought the gray! Boom. My kinda stools.

Yay! It's been a super crazy and exciting month around here lately but also a lot of fun. I'm still working on getting the rest of my sister's room put together. Still have a few more weeks to get that going so I will get you all the deets once it is put together.

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  1. You are a painting/project/blogging machine right now!

    They look so much better painted! They don't look like cheap Wal-Mart stools anymore - they look totally stylish. I'm surprised how the yellow turned orange, but I actually really like it!

  2. Ooo they are super fun! I like the dipped color look too. Such a great upgrade!!


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