Faded by Seven

I've been trying to update little things around my house and outside. You know those little things that you've been putting off for... like ever? Well one of mine is the mailbox outside.  Currently it looks like this:

I haven't figured out exactly why the only number that faded was the "7" but I guess it wasn't so lucky in the sunshine department. For just a few cents (even less with my work discount, chicachicayeahhh) I changed out the number on both sides! Now it looks fresh and inviting. Not so trashy. Yay.

I painted this bench my parents gave me a couple of years ago... looks like I need to get after that again since it is peeling and fading. No one actually sits on it, but it looks less dumpy when it's freshened up. Who knows? Maybe someone will sit on it once it looks pretty!

I need to get around to changing out the light fixture and cleaning up the porch area. Including painting the deck and replacing the faux carpet. Probably taking off the ramp too since it's suffering and starting to collapse. Not safe.

Since I moved all my rocks I planted some pretty flowers, I put pots over them to keep Sebastian from messing with them. Plus we had a random freeze one night. They're doing well now! Yay!

I am so ready for spring time and summer time! At this point I only have 12 more days left of school! That's pretty exciting! I can't wait to have some adventures over the summer and get things done around the house. Yay for that.  :)


  1. The little things always make such a big difference! They are usually the cheapest and easiest projects too...but I always procrastinate doing them! Anyway, you should paint the bench a fun, bright color!

  2. How weird about your number 7! But glad for an easy fix :) I was actually thinking today I should make a list of summer projects tooAnd painting a bench is on my list too!!!


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