Summer Blog Projects

Now that the school year is finally over and I have a couple months before we start back up I really want to focus on getting some things done on the blog. Not just doing projects for posts but actually doing a few things for the bloggy itself.

For example once I have my #totallyfly new blog look custom made by Jess at JWDesign I feel like the rest of the blog needs to represent, so the pages need a total overhaul.

The project page isn't the best at this point, right now it sort of looks like this still:

That is totally boring. Terribly uninformative. The links are all there but I feel as though adding in pictures would make a huge difference. Especially if those pictures are the links. What do you think?

Another thing that I want to do is expand my readership base. Obviously I can do that by linking up all over the place for various projects especially now that I've been posting consistently for a couple of months. I love love love meeting people like Sam at the Junk House and Brie at Breezy Pink Daisies. I just feel as though there are so many more people out there I would love to meet.

The house tour page also needs some updating:

What are some of your favorite things, as readers, about looking at House Tour pages? What sort of layout would be best for you? I hope to make that the "thing" about my blog is something that really works for the readers as well as for me.

What other suggestions would you make for updating the blog over the next few months? What would make your experience better overall? More Facebook or other social media interaction?

Tell me what you think, and as always, thank you so much for reading my lil blog. :)


  1. I think pictures will make a huge difference on your projects page! I like Young House Love's house tour page, so I tried to model mine after their's. Linking up can help you gain more readers as well as leaving thoughtful comments on other blogs. I'm pretty sure that's how we became friends. You left a really nice comment on my blog, so I checked out your blog and the rest is BBFF history.

  2. Link ups are great! I have found that the best way to meet new bloggers. And I would try to have at least one really good picture with a cute title/description so people want to check it out. That's my new current goal :)
    You're doing great!!!! Love the blog look so much.

  3. Oh and my link page (needs to be updated) but I have posted some of the places where I party!!! I've found I get the most out of linking up when I visit other bloggers and comment on their post with a link back to my blog


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