Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Roommates Strike Out

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Some of you may remember a couple years ago when I painted the third bedroom in my house with stripes for a much desired office. Financially I couldn't support not having another roommate because I was still in college. Well 6 months after graduation and with having a full-time job I can finally do it. Plus another roommate would probably make me lose my marbles.

Not good.

My current roommate has the room set up like this:

After the age of 15 I feel like teddy bears on the bed is kinda weird. But hey, that's just me. I also noticed that she has all of her wall hangings hung up in a bizarre mishmash which means there is likely going to be a number of nail holes and tack holes in the walls....

Since I no longer have any more of the two colors that originally went into the stripes I have decided that they need to be redone anyway. Thankfully they are already started so it won't be nearly as hard as it was the first time. I am going to start looking at colors to get an idea of what I want to go with.

So Office/Guest Room To-Do List:

  • Find a full-sized guest bed
  • Build desk for under window 
  • Repair walls/repaint stripes
  • Create awesome storage solutions 
  • Fix door/paint door/do something with the door
  • DIY some wall decor
If you have any other tips or ideas for creating a good combination space in here please let me know! It will be a bit before I can get all the furniture and such that I want in there so I am open to suggestions!

Monday, June 24, 2013


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Now that I finally have the living room all painted and mostly rearranged I have started changing around the wall art. My attempt this year is to really commit to being creative with wall art. I always feel guilty putting holes in the wall (blame my father) and have to make sure that I am posting 100% of what I want on the walls. Well. All things can be patched and painted. So I'm just going for it!

I started with the front entry wall by the door. It looks even better with the new front door color:

This bike art is from Palisade, Colorado. I am a huge fan of bikes and Colorado and local art so it's pretty fabulous. The art underneath is actually vintage style postcards from a road trip that my family and I took when I was in high school and I finally get to display them!

And I found a happy place for my critter art work! Ode to my furbabies. YayYayy. And of course my wine cork board that is full of wedding and baby shower invites.


To the right of the door (pre-painting photo) is one of my favorite paintings and then another little piece of Colorado art...

 From Palisade, Colorado as well... pretty cool right?

Now to just finish this side of the living room... phew. We are slowly but surely getting there!

Oh and just an update on the teacher-job-hunt, I have an interview on Wednesday for a local Charter School. It's not exactly where I imagined I'd be starting my career but it will definitely give me a unique experience that will really encourage my learning as a fledgling teacher. Wish me luck!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Dress Me Up

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I've got a few upgrades in the works here but there is one that I am pretty excited about, I can't even lie. So just a reminder of what the living room looked like before we started all this living room updating craziness. See the TV there on the left? That teeny tiny thing? Yeah. Well that is gone. Yay!

Check out my new digs! Yay! I found this dresser at Salvation Army for $25.00 dollars. It is pretty classic and fabulous. It was very dirty when I bought it but a little Pledge polishing magic really helped... plus I have a super human sized TV. It still isn't fixed yet... I have the parts on the way.

Here's a closer view of the dresser... it is very sturdy which is good because that is a really heavy plasma TV.

It took a couple rounds with the soap and water, followed up by polish to really show it's potential. This is where I did the top drawer polished vs. the second drawer not polished. Ew.

Here's a farther away view! It's still a little chaotic as I rearrange some things and move some things. I'm praying I get a teaching position so that I can move a lot of it out into a classroom. My plan is to get two tall bookcases to put on either side of the TV to house some of my vases, accessories, and the surround sound speakers. 

.Hopefully I can get it all done up pretty to show you guys... also you notice that beauty on the floor? I will tell you all about it soon!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

To Boldly Go.

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I am obviously feeling very  Star Trek nerdy this week. I couldn't tell you why. But I do have another awesome  update for you today! I am super stoked about it. 

Since I've repainted my walls and made my ceilings fabulous I felt like the whole place was a little washed out. The neutral tone on tone was very light and airy but also sort of dull and lack luster in some ways. So I decided to go a little bold, well at least for me anyways. I painted my door from the horrendous mustard brown color of yore to the white that you've seen up until this point. (Sorry no before picture of that since it was from before I started blogging. Sad face.)

I decided to leave the outside of the door white since it looks really good with the storm door and the trim and everything on the exterior of the house. I started by painting the inside brown trim of the door a nice white to match the moulding around the outside of the frame.

I was also updating the lock due to an unfortunate roommate moving situation. Have I mentioned I am pretty much over the roommate thing? Ugh.

I used the same blue color that I had on the barstools since I used so little of that paint and I really enjoyed the color. I left the trim around the window white so it wouldn't look too weird or lazy.

Here's a more expansive view of the new color! I think it looks awesome. Plus it adds a little bit more of that cottage-y-ness that I enjoy so much.

Tell me what you think! Do you love it or would you have left it white?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Beam Me Up, Starship.

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Whooo! I am finally back! Talk about technical difficulties! Thank goodness I am smart enough to figure it out. Though it's been a bit quiet on the blog front I have been decently busy working on projects around the house. One of the big ones?

The ceilings and beam! Yayyy! Finally.

Remember the fabulous and wonderful (sarcasmmmm) before?

A great view of the kitchen ceiling right after I did all the cabinets and such:

This picture was just from back in March, not too terribly long ago really.

Here's the "in progress" photos of the living room paint job, notice tacky ceilings do not compliment the lovely new walls...

A big difference already being made just by painting some of it. Check out the difference just in the trim! And yes. I stood on the stools to paint the walls. No it's not safe. Don't say I told you to try it but it is cheaper than a ladder.

Are you ready for the awesome after-ness? Ignore any house messes you see. Simply focus on the ceilings. There are a few spots that need to be gone over again but check this out! On the yellow stripes I used KILZ UpShot. It comes in a spray paint can and you just aim it upwards. I used about four for the main living area.

Here's the same view from the doorway you saw in the picture from March. Wayyy better. Good bye you homely 80's beam!

The kitchen now! Looks so much better, though I did find out I have to replace the entire skylight. That sucks. A lot.

I am so excited about all of the changes that I have gotten done in the last few months. Now if only I could find a full-time teaching job my life would be 100% fabulous! I thought that I had a good shot at one job but someone with more experience beat me out. It's a struggle but i know teaching is what I am built to do so I will keep trying. 

Thanks for bearing with me as I fixed those technical difficulties!