Monday, June 17, 2013

Dress Me Up

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I've got a few upgrades in the works here but there is one that I am pretty excited about, I can't even lie. So just a reminder of what the living room looked like before we started all this living room updating craziness. See the TV there on the left? That teeny tiny thing? Yeah. Well that is gone. Yay!

Check out my new digs! Yay! I found this dresser at Salvation Army for $25.00 dollars. It is pretty classic and fabulous. It was very dirty when I bought it but a little Pledge polishing magic really helped... plus I have a super human sized TV. It still isn't fixed yet... I have the parts on the way.

Here's a closer view of the dresser... it is very sturdy which is good because that is a really heavy plasma TV.

It took a couple rounds with the soap and water, followed up by polish to really show it's potential. This is where I did the top drawer polished vs. the second drawer not polished. Ew.

Here's a farther away view! It's still a little chaotic as I rearrange some things and move some things. I'm praying I get a teaching position so that I can move a lot of it out into a classroom. My plan is to get two tall bookcases to put on either side of the TV to house some of my vases, accessories, and the surround sound speakers. 

.Hopefully I can get it all done up pretty to show you guys... also you notice that beauty on the floor? I will tell you all about it soon!

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  1. Great find! I love the ring pulls on it! Are you going to paint it or leave it wood? It'll look great either way. I love the new rug too! It's so pretty and I know you got a killer deal on it!


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