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Now that I finally have the living room all painted and mostly rearranged I have started changing around the wall art. My attempt this year is to really commit to being creative with wall art. I always feel guilty putting holes in the wall (blame my father) and have to make sure that I am posting 100% of what I want on the walls. Well. All things can be patched and painted. So I'm just going for it!

I started with the front entry wall by the door. It looks even better with the new front door color:

This bike art is from Palisade, Colorado. I am a huge fan of bikes and Colorado and local art so it's pretty fabulous. The art underneath is actually vintage style postcards from a road trip that my family and I took when I was in high school and I finally get to display them!

And I found a happy place for my critter art work! Ode to my furbabies. YayYayy. And of course my wine cork board that is full of wedding and baby shower invites.


To the right of the door (pre-painting photo) is one of my favorite paintings and then another little piece of Colorado art...

 From Palisade, Colorado as well... pretty cool right?

Now to just finish this side of the living room... phew. We are slowly but surely getting there!

Oh and just an update on the teacher-job-hunt, I have an interview on Wednesday for a local Charter School. It's not exactly where I imagined I'd be starting my career but it will definitely give me a unique experience that will really encourage my learning as a fledgling teacher. Wish me luck!

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  1. Looks good! I love the new bike art and it's cool that it's from a local artist. I love all of the changes you've been making lately!

    Good luck at your interview tomorrow!


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