De-Trash Your Trailerhood: Manage It.

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Here is the first phase of our mission to start de-trashing the trailerhood, or rather, my trailerhood but these are applicable anywhere I'd say. Keep in mind that as we do this some of our steps may get out of order depending on what we are working on.

When I first moved into my trailer it looked straight up trailerhood (for the duration I will be saying "hood" but I mean that in terms of a trailer park/manufactured home community).

Here's a little reminder:

I don't have very many original pictures since it was not my original plan to start a blog. I know. That was dumb. I'm kicking myself for it now. But you can sort of see that the wood is rotting in places, the stairs are weird, there was rotting lattice attached to the porch and some of the flashing was gone from the roof overhang.

Here's what it looks like presently:

You can see even in this picture that the grass is over grown, the rails are filthy, and my aspen tree is totally dead.

Even this big mulberry bush is trying to escape from the picture.

Porch is cluttered with planting materials and is very, very dirty.

This side wasn't so bad even though all the paint was peeling off my bench and it was looking a little wonky.

Loads of cobwebs all around the front entry is also not very inviting. It works out okay on Halloween though!

The main point of showing these somewhat embarrassing photos of my house is that maintaining your exterior is crucial! It not only adds value to your home but also increases the curb appeal, and allows you to identify potential issues early on rather than waiting for it to totally fall apart. 

So for a total investment of $0.00 dollars we are going to start our detrashing by cleaning up the outside of the house considering that is the first thing people see when they drive by, and often the only thing.

To-do list:

  • Mow the lawn
  • Pull weeds that are mega tall.
  • Fill containers with pretty flowers
  • Repaint the peeling paint on the deck.
  • Clean off the cobwebs 
  • Replace the icky light
  • Repaint the bench and clean furniture.
Keep in mind that water is (nearly) free, you can get a decent broom at the dollar store, and if you have to buy paint you can get it for only $15 dollars at Lowe's or even WalMart.

Check back on Friday and I'll show you the steps I've taken so far!


  1. This is all true for any neighborhood. If we didn't have an HOA our front yard would look terrible. They force me to keep my weeds under control and palm tree trimmed. Although I do have some new weeds growing that need to be pulled and some of the flowers I planted died, so those need to be replaced. I would love to repaint the trim, but we have to get our colors approved and I don't really want to hassle with it yet. Anyway, I can't wait until Friday to see what you've done!

  2. I love looking at what you've done to your home, both inside (love it) and outside. It takes time, and lots of money, to get things looking like we would like for them to look. I look forward to your next step and want to give you an "atta girl" for all you've done!


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