Summer Series: De-Trashing the Trailerhood

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One of the hardest parts about owning the home I do is the fact that it is a trailer. I try to make it pretty by calling it a manufactured home but the truth is... it is still a trailer and I live in a trailer park community for all intents and purposes (though technically it actually is a neighborhood because you have to purchase land where I'm at.) I hate that. I feel as though people judge me before they pull up to my house.

They imagine this:

Well I can't change the fact that it's a trailer, and the way the market is right now, we're not moving. So we are going to de-trash the trailerhood for the rest of this summer!

The goal of this series is to change people's minds about trailers and change my attitude about it as well.

I've outlined five major steps to help out this process:

1. Manage It.

2. Clean it Up.

3. Wear it Well.

4. Give Me Attitude.

5. Keep it Up.

The goal? Have the nicest trailer in the hood, and maybe encourage my neighbors to do the same!

If you would help me out, please comment with a notion or thought that you have about trailers and people that live in them. It will help me a lot! (And don't worry I'm a high school teacher, tough skin yo.)

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  1. When my daughter was small we lived in a trailer in a trailer park...the park was well managed, people took pride in their homes and cared about their yards...and I have to say I was fortunate enough to meet some wonderful, giving, generous people who were my neighbors. I have never understood the negative stereotypes, people's preconceived notions about the people who live in trailer parks did not match my experiences living in one. Rock on! (PS I'm looking to downsize from a 2400sq' home to a trailer for retirement, I cannot wait to see what ideas you come up with. If you can come up with some effective & creative storage ideas I will worship you from afar!)


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