Really, I'm Not a Fan.

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Happy Friday! I'm so glad that it is finally Friday! I love this day. I still have to work both jobs today but! It is Friday of our homecoming week. Kids are crazy for this homecoming stuff. 

For real.

Anyways! One thing that has always struck me as odd at my house is the fact that the previous owners installed only ONE ceiling light in the entire living room/dining room space. That particular ceiling light being a ceiling fan over the dining table. Let's get real here bro.

That's ah-nastah. (nasty)

Here's the view from the front door.

I couldn't be going around with that anymore. About 4 years ago I spray painted the original gold ceiling fan to make it passable until I had the money and the desire to replace it. Since I've upgraded the kitchen, the barstools, the entertainment center, the cardenza, the wall color, and the wall art, it only seemed fitting that I ought to finally fix the light.

I found this beauty on clearance at Lowe's for $129.00 down from $259.00. I mean that is definitely a good price for a 9 light chandelier but as an employee I was able to get it for $65.00. Sliding into home base with a steal!

Here is a final parting view of the ceiling fan, I got rid of it in true trailer style. Free sign on the corner! It was only out there for about five minutes. Nice right?

This dude came with SOOOO MUCH packaging it was insane. But I love the oil rubbed bronze look, and it really connects with the kitchen quite beautifully.

I had to paint that funny chunk around the light hole. Let's just say taking this sucker down and putting him up was not easy, I read the directions but they were remarkable unclear about all the wires and the cords and the chains and all that noise.

After several hours, my trusty assistant, Lucy, and I completed the task of hanging and swagging this beautiful light over. It was hard! But dang it looks sooooo good.

Here it is again!

Okay one more close up! I still have to fix the cords but it looks so awesome. I love it.

I love clearance! Especially since I get such a good deal on stuff working at Lowe's, working two jobs might be hard but it can be worth it!

Changing Perspectives

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My biggest complaint about living in my neighborhood is often the fact that my neighbors don't care for their homes the same way that I do, or even really that they care at all. The neighbors who back up to my house are very nice people and work very hard but they don't spend much time on their yard or exterior. Expect for painting it like a pumpkin.

Here's the view out of my dining room window:

Glorious isn't it? And of course they built this gigantic shed so if you look a little to the right...

Lucy is a pro photo bomber.

 A few years ago my parents bought me some exterior blinds, which were honestly the easiest things to install. My grandpa also bought me a ladder! He felt like standing on a bar stool to do installations was a bad idea. Live dangerously grandpa, live dangerously.

Notice that gigantic tree in the back ground? That has to be chainsawed down. Boo.

They don't look half bad either. I'm contemplating getting another small one for the kitchen window and for my bathroom window also.

Here's the view from inside! It helps to cut down on some of the hot sun that pounds into that window which has kept the house cooler during the summer, plus it lets me open my curtains which hasn't happened in awhile.

You can still see through the blinds but there is way less pumpkin trailer impact on the eyeballs. It's pretty awesome and I'm very excited that I finally put them up. Hate to rush things you know.

I've finally gotten into the swing of working two jobs and managing my time better. I'm hoping to find a better balance between work and play because holymolycrapoly I absolutely love being a teacher. There's hard days but it has been so impressively rewarding I wouldn't trade it for anything. Thank you everyone for bearing with me. :)

It is an Office-al Start.

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I've officially been teaching about a month now, which is very exciting! I love my job and my school, plus I've got some great students that always rise to the occasion. I told everyone a couple months back that I was going to be working on creating an office/guest room combination.

Check out my mad progress!

Okay so I haven't done anything but put a rug in there. Partly because I was looking closer at my lovely stripes and realized that they have been so thoroughly abused by roommates that I really can't save them (painting stripes is a crazy amount of work so I was contemplating not doing them but.. alas.) 

I am going to be doing stripes again and I've been contemplating a few different selections:

I love the bold white and grey colors. I think I may even have some grey that I could reuse from previous projects. And if not... I mean I do work at Lowe's after all!

I also like the greige tones of this one. I sort of wonder though if that would be too much like what is in the living room? I wouldn't want them to look that close. It's nice to have some difference in the rooms.

What we want to do (by "we" I mean my sister and I, but mostly me) is set up a double desk along the window side of the room. We're thinking maybe something that has a similar look as this:

We think using filing cabinets that are redone all pretty and some wood on top would look awesome. But we have to incorporate a bed somehow, so here's some ideas:

I really like that the bed is on the opposite wall, obviously the space is a bit different but I like what they did. I would have to have a queen size bed because my dad is 6'3" and my brother is 6'1" so there is no possible way they  would fit on an adorable day bed. 

Damn it.

If you follow me on Pinterest you may see that I've been pinning like crazy a bunch of different types of office and guest room ideas. Feel free to tell me how you decided to set up your space. What do guests even need in a guest room? Should I get a set of towels to keep exclusively in there? Toothbrushes? 

Here's one last look at the current room:

(omit the desk and tv stand, those aren't in there anymore, I sold the desk and moved the tv to Ally's room)

Hopefully I can make this a warm comfortable space for family and friends who come to visit!