Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Changing Perspectives

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My biggest complaint about living in my neighborhood is often the fact that my neighbors don't care for their homes the same way that I do, or even really that they care at all. The neighbors who back up to my house are very nice people and work very hard but they don't spend much time on their yard or exterior. Expect for painting it like a pumpkin.

Here's the view out of my dining room window:

Glorious isn't it? And of course they built this gigantic shed so if you look a little to the right...

Lucy is a pro photo bomber.

 A few years ago my parents bought me some exterior blinds, which were honestly the easiest things to install. My grandpa also bought me a ladder! He felt like standing on a bar stool to do installations was a bad idea. Live dangerously grandpa, live dangerously.

Notice that gigantic tree in the back ground? That has to be chainsawed down. Boo.

They don't look half bad either. I'm contemplating getting another small one for the kitchen window and for my bathroom window also.

Here's the view from inside! It helps to cut down on some of the hot sun that pounds into that window which has kept the house cooler during the summer, plus it lets me open my curtains which hasn't happened in awhile.

You can still see through the blinds but there is way less pumpkin trailer impact on the eyeballs. It's pretty awesome and I'm very excited that I finally put them up. Hate to rush things you know.

I've finally gotten into the swing of working two jobs and managing my time better. I'm hoping to find a better balance between work and play because holymolycrapoly I absolutely love being a teacher. There's hard days but it has been so impressively rewarding I wouldn't trade it for anything. Thank you everyone for bearing with me. :)


  1. Good idea! You should get them for the other 2 windows too. I bet the house would really feel a lot cooler in the summer!

  2. Hi Meghan! Did you know you are a no-reply blogger? So I'm just stopping by your blog to answer your question!

    First, I'm glad to hear teaching is going so well!!! As for the lack of personal life :) it's your first year, so its always the craziest when you are figuring out something new. It will get better, I promise.

    For me, I have found that I can't bring school work home. It can overtake you quickly. So even it that makes I get to work an hour earlier and stay until 5 or 6, I get my work done at school so when I'm home I can relax and be myself.

    Also, if you haven't already, take time to set up an organization system at school for any and everything - it will save you so much time and hassle! Hope that helps a little :)


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