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Happy Friday! I'm so glad that it is finally Friday! I love this day. I still have to work both jobs today but! It is Friday of our homecoming week. Kids are crazy for this homecoming stuff. 

For real.

Anyways! One thing that has always struck me as odd at my house is the fact that the previous owners installed only ONE ceiling light in the entire living room/dining room space. That particular ceiling light being a ceiling fan over the dining table. Let's get real here bro.

That's ah-nastah. (nasty)

Here's the view from the front door.

I couldn't be going around with that anymore. About 4 years ago I spray painted the original gold ceiling fan to make it passable until I had the money and the desire to replace it. Since I've upgraded the kitchen, the barstools, the entertainment center, the cardenza, the wall color, and the wall art, it only seemed fitting that I ought to finally fix the light.

I found this beauty on clearance at Lowe's for $129.00 down from $259.00. I mean that is definitely a good price for a 9 light chandelier but as an employee I was able to get it for $65.00. Sliding into home base with a steal!

Here is a final parting view of the ceiling fan, I got rid of it in true trailer style. Free sign on the corner! It was only out there for about five minutes. Nice right?

This dude came with SOOOO MUCH packaging it was insane. But I love the oil rubbed bronze look, and it really connects with the kitchen quite beautifully.

I had to paint that funny chunk around the light hole. Let's just say taking this sucker down and putting him up was not easy, I read the directions but they were remarkable unclear about all the wires and the cords and the chains and all that noise.

After several hours, my trusty assistant, Lucy, and I completed the task of hanging and swagging this beautiful light over. It was hard! But dang it looks sooooo good.

Here it is again!

Okay one more close up! I still have to fix the cords but it looks so awesome. I love it.

I love clearance! Especially since I get such a good deal on stuff working at Lowe's, working two jobs might be hard but it can be worth it!

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  1. I love the new light! It's so pretty and such an amazing deal! This really makes me want to replace the ceiling fan over my dining room table now. I've been wanting to since I moved in, but eh, I'm lazy.


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