Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Office Progress

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Wow! It has been awhile since I have posted any updates! My deepest apologies. Teaching is a marvelous profession but it is also time consuming, strenuous, and hectic. But holy crap I love my job! I feel like I have found the profession to which my heart belongs and I have extremely grateful for it.

 However I am still in the process of figuring out the balance between the demands of a personal life, and the demands of a burgeoning career. Unfortunately that means blogging and DIY has fallen down the list with sleep and work rising above the rest. Have I mentioned though that I love my job?


Since a couple of months ago I haven't had any roommates except for my sister, which I don't really know counts. So I've been working on turning the third bedroom into an office/guest room space. 

Here's what we've got so far:

I freshened up the stripes and repainted quite a few of them. With my Dad's assistance we were able to replace some of the damaged trim and drywall pieces, years of roommates  had caused a few to be sacrificed along the way.

Eventually I am hoping my desk will go along this side wall. I'm still stuck between moving the one from my room in there or building one.

Yeah. I know. Remarkably unimpressive. Here's another one of those doors that I want to finish off and make prettier before the holiday season. I want to paint the inside of the door white to match all the trim and make it lovely. This is one of the only doors that the previous owners did not cover with shelf-lining contact paper. So it will probably be the only one easy enough to paint.

I'm also going to upgrade all the door handles when I get to doing the doors. These rooms came with keyed entry handles. But no keys. It's been a real problem before. Plus some of them are busted, again from hard use with roommates. 

The Guest Room/Office To-Do List:

  • paint the door
  • replace the handle
  • finish painting the trim
  • get a bed frame 
  • buy more pillows 
  • move/build desk for computer and grading
  • organize random crap
  • hang some desperately needed wall art.