Way back in December I posted about the most obvious remaining ghettofabulous thing in my house... the doors. (Find that post {here})

Well! For once instead of just making a list of crap to do and then not ever doing it... I have for you my lovely readers... PROGRESS!

Okay so here it is. The old ugly door. Well... it fell out in the night. Truly terrible. Luckily I have a protector, he may be small but he's fierce. Just kidding. He hid under the blankets and barked from there. 

Anyway. My door! It had a hole in the front that the previous owners had simply covered with contact paper (like shelf liner) which had begun to peel because well. That's not really what it is for.
Here's the old:

I didn't think it'd be a huge deal to fix the door and for my first one I suppose it wasn't but I went ahead and a bought just a slab door instead of one that was prehung... there was definitely some damage done on this particular frame...

Yup. Totally blown out at multiple points. Perhaps why it fell? Hmm.

So I patched and filled those holes (I didn't take pictures because that is not exciting) and brought my new baby door home! I purchased it at Lowe's for $32.00 and brought it home in my Honda Civic. Oh heck yes. It fit! It is just an interior door so I was able to move it myself pretty easily.

Originally I was going to paint the doors all white but I thought "hey! I'm not going to recoup any of my costs on this when I go sell my house so why not give it some sass and character?" I'm glad I did! I'm sure it would have been easier to spray the door but I hand painted it using paint I already had, a mistint from Lowe's for $7.00 that I used on my stools and front door already. Reduce, reuse, right?

The paint I used was a Paint+Primer by Valspar so it only took two coats for full coverage. Now that the easy part was over... I had to manage to fit the dumb thing into the spot.

The previous owners were rather... well... crafty? with their improvisation and doctoring on the house. For instance instead of using solid shims that they sell mega cheap at the store, they used chunks of wainscoting from the rest of the house. #notsturdy #notconsistentthickness

Meaning essentially that when I measured the top and bottom of the frame and got 30" the middle was actually 29 3/4" which sucked. It took me many swear words and destruction of the frame (as you can see below) in order to get the entire thing one even 30" measurement. I'm still considering taking out the one side and replacing it with a more solid piece and using REAL shims. Maybe when my parents come back in the summer. Hi Dad!

I had to replace the casings, which I planned to do anyway, but when I tried to remove the old stuff it snapped into multiple pieces. So. That's great But here is the door finally hung! Looking beautiful and wonderful!

I put my door mirror back on because I have to be able to look at my outfits you know but hopefully I can get a mirror somewhere else and lose this one so you can just see the awesome door. I even replaced the handle ($10.00 at Lowe's) with a cool Oil-Rubbed Bronze look, which coordinates with the handles and chandelier in the kitchen and dining room. Plus it is actually a bedroom lock rather than a keyed entry lock like the old one.

Here's one last look at the awesome new door. How's that for detrashing the trailer?

So the total cost for this project:

  • Slab door: $32.00
  • Door knob: $10.00
  • New casing (not installed/shown): $14.00
  • New hinges (x3): $9.00
Total Cost: $65.00

One door down. Three to go.

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The Master Bedroom Fiasco

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Every so often I start to get really bored with my house. Just in general and I've been really looking into the financial aspect of what I need to do to consider moving in the nearish future. You know somewhere with a garage... fenced in backyard... space between neighbors... closets.... those things. Our real estate market is starting to pick back up which could really be a good sign. Until that moment however, I am going to start working on the rooms in my house that I am most bored with, to see if that staves off the "I want a new house" feelings for awhile.

One such location is my master bedroom. Here's of course the love and appealing before photos when we first bought the house:

So certainly the most recent look is leagues better:

Gotta love that my furbabies bomb every photo. However since I've moved the computer desk and equipment to the office as you saw in a more recent post {here}.

That means now I have a real mess. Be warned. These following photos are not awesome.

I have taken most of the wall art down because I was bored with it and have moved it to either the living room or the office so now the walls are a little bare:

Presently I only have one nighstand because I put the old ones in my sister's room to give her storage. Now my one solo stand is laden with books, journals, more books, and more books. What? I'm an English teacher.

I've rearranged the book case and turned the old wine rack into a shoe holder. But its still not quite right. Maybe it's the blank wall on the left?

Or perhaps is the gigantic old TV that I have to sell and get rid of that is taking up one entire side of the room. My parents got me a new, smaller, and more energy efficient model for Christmas. They know my enthusiasm for gigantor TVs is a bit limited.

Check out my rigged nightstand. DIY at its absolute finest! My box of home repair materials and a laundry basket on top! Beautiful. Convenient. Awesome.

Then of course there is space being consumed by dog kennels. It's cold enough here in Colorado that we have to have them covered up with a blankey. Part of the reason it looks so messy.

And to top it off, I recently had to throw out my shag rug that was in there. It was a victim to the animals. I was saddened. 

Not going to lie. I feel as though this bedroom is cringe worthy. That rug really needs to be replaced. It's stained and dirty. I love how high pile rugs feel but not their functionality. The whole space really lacks romance and appeal that's for sure.

 I have a few ideas of how to make this prettier, it could take me a few months since I'm going to try and get some new things but here's what I've got so far as a list:

Master Bedroom Update:
  • find a second short dresser as a nightstand- paint it white
  • get a new rug situation
  • make/find a new headboard
  • update the shams and bedding
  • new wall art
  • patch and repaint sections
  • replace door
  • organize dog kennel area 
  • clear clutter/donate unworn clothes

Golly. If you think of anything else that might help this situation please let me know! Or send me pictures on Pinterest I love that place.

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Office Updates

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Since my last update about my office/guest room updates a lot has happened! As a teacher we get a two week break from school and it was excellent because my parents came to visit for a whole week! Which means that this lady put on five pounds due to Mama's cooking. Good thing my parents got me a new TV that I can put my yoga DVDs in and work off the deliciousness.

When my parents were here they definitely enjoyed the accommodations much more than last time they were here:

Mattress on the floor, remodeling on the side of the room... really sexy! It wasn't so amazing. I finally found my parents a bed frame, just a metal old school one from Salvation Army. I'm hoping to find a nice headboard to replace the one in my room and move the old one into here. But at this point, no one is too upset about it.

First though! I want to show you my amazing (and free!) gallery wall!

All of the artwork and photos in the gallery wall were ones that I hunted for all over the house. Most of them coming from my room. The "A" is for my sister Ally. I spent zero dollars on this. Though my favorite thing is the coffee sign and the vintage postcards I collected on family trips in 2002. They look awesome!

 Check out these awesome vintage paintings of Raggedy Ann and Andy:

I put them on either side of the window. I think I found them at a thrift store when I was in high school and have been storing them in a box ever since and just found them again when I was going through the Christmas decorations (notice how pretty those look? Wanted it to be totally Christmasy for my parents when they came.)

Plus, Sebastian is down with the bed being higher off the ground.

I loaded the bed up with a quilt set that I already had  for the room, pillows that used to be on my couch forever ago, and some brand new sleeping pillows. I like the little sweater pillow with the buttons. I think it looks cool!

Here's a larger scale view of the room fully decorated:

And of course the other side of the room... Super fabulous.

I only spent a total of $156 on this entire room. All I bought was the mattress set, frame, and new pillows. There is more I'd like to do with the office area but at this point it's going to be just fine. 

The Guest Room/Office To-Do List:
  • paint the door
  • replace the handle
  • finish painting the trim
  • get a bed frame 
  • buy more pillows 
  • move/build desk for computer and grading
  • organize random crap
  • hang some desperately needed wall art. 

I still have a couple things left to do in there but for the most part its just about done. What do you think? Does it still look like a beat up roommate trailer room? 

Oh and by the way. Happy New Year!